The Problems Of A Rose Garden: How To Deal With Them

May 6, 2021

The problems a gardener has to deal with when tending to a rose garden is often the reason why they want to avoid growing these as much as possible. Nevertheless, being able to show off and be proud of a rose garden is an achievement to boast. Grow roses only up until fall hits; then you’re going to want to avoid growing them until summer rolls around the corner again!

Roses tend to be associated with lots of problems and diseases that are only ever common to them, and dealing with them could be pretty tedious and a good source of a headache. However, the promise of a beautiful flower bed with a myriad of colors, shapes, an array of fragrances, and carpets of petals are more than likely to make up for their tiresome care.

Rose Diseases You’re Sure To Encounter

As mentioned earlier, these pretty flowers are sure to give you a hassle since they will need plenty of care so that these diseases are taken care of for a beautiful, blooming rose garden. These rose diseases will get more severe as you go down the list. However, these are still pretty common when growing roses. Learn More by visiting the Gardener’s Path website!

Black Spot

This is probably the most common issue a gardener would encounter with roses; it’s a disease that causes leaves to wither and fall off and weaken your plant to make it more susceptible to other environmental diseases. Its cause is a fungus called Diplocarpon rosae that thrives in cooler and wetter conditions - more so when the nights are cool, and evaporation of the water is prevented.

How To Deal With It

Much like with diseases with humans, the best thing to do is always to try to prevent the disease from happening in the first place or take care of it as early as possible. So you could always keep the roses in a nice, warm, and dry place since the black spots tend to grow in moist conditions.

Once you see the start of the development of black spot - more towards the bottom of the plant since the disease works, it’s way up the plant. Then you can spray it with a quick concoction of a teaspoon and warm water or even a fungicidal spray.

Powdery Mildew

Suppose this isn’t your first time growing roses. In that case, you’re probably already aware of what the apparent tell of this rose disease is, and that’s a powdery gray coating on the leaves that just looks displeasing. However, this disease is not specific to roses and maybe a repeating occurrence in your garden throughout the spring and summertime. Like the black spot, this fungal disease also thrives well in moist conditions and minimal airflow.

How To Deal With It

Minor cases of powdery mildew will often take care of themselves. Thorough fall cleanup of all of the shed leaves with the fungal disease will help prevent it from happening again in the future. Ask around for fungicide sprays and ensure that every leaf affected by the disease is coated with the spray.

Botrytis Blight

It would be a complete letdown when you see your expected beautiful and vibrant blooming buds covered with dry, crispy brown parts instead of full elegant bloom. However, this disease seems to be associated with Tea Roses which turn the elegant white rose petals into a stained bloom - which doesn’t look great.

How To Deal With It

The botrytis blight can be temporarily handled with fungicides. Still, they will soon develop a sort of resistance to the chemicals you used and become a more challenging threat to take care of later on. With this disease, it might be better to take preventative measures and just keep your roses in a dry and sunny place. That will often be enough to stop the blight from happening.

Crown Gall

This is probably the most straightforward identifiable disease in roses since it’s quite the obvious thing to spot out. Crown gall looks like a weird mass of ugly-looking tissue that turns out like a grotesque fusion between a brain and a dark and rotten cauliflower. It could come in as a small mass or even come as a larger one. One thing to remember that it can happen anywhere on the rose, so regularly inspect your flowers.

How To Deal With It

The way to deal with crown gall is probably the easiest yet the most mournful solution among the diseases. Altogether, remove the plant that was infected, destroy the plant, and not plant any other rose in that exact location for another two years. The reason for this is to remove any residual bacteria and the roots of the infected rose.


Those rose diseases are just a portion of what could occur to your previous rose garden, so don’t forget to search for a detailed and informative article that can cover the extensive list of rose diseases. Nonetheless, once you’ve completely taken care of these diseases, then you better prepare yourself for an elegant garden of roses! Who knows, you might be keen for another try next time!


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