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Thinking of Remodeling? Top Residential Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

Do you know the best thing about bathrooms? It washes your worries away!

The dramatic events in the last year, particularly COVID-19, have ruined every festival and fun. By evaluating the current condition, it seems like the pain will continue haunting our homes. So to wash away those unhappy memories and make ourselves ready to face a new phase, let’s remodel our home. Maybe a different look can add a positive feel to the ambiance.

To begin with, the remodeling, let’s start with the bathroom this time. A bathroom is the part of your home that gives you some creative ideas about work and life, so it’s a good idea to give it a makeover and make it more relaxing. Here are bathroom additions you can implement in your Chicago suite.

Extra special soaking experience

Bathing rituals take new importance. This year people are looking for an extra unique soaking experience. Maybe it’s because of the surplus stress everyone has felt during the pandemic. Elements that can make the soaking experience more rejuvenating are the music system, bath trays, candles near the bathing tub, and plants.

Tropical getaways

With millions of Americans canceling their tropical vacations during a pandemic, it’s not astonishing that some escapism would be on top of their wishlist this year. The tropical look includes material, patterns, and shapes like prints, waves, and the use of exotic woods to woven inserts. All this can give the bathroom a tropical look. Even adding some bonsai trees in the bathroom will enhance the look.

Nature and texture

Inspiration for the current look is also nature and textures. Now how are you going to add these to your bathroom remodeling? Well, adding stones, glass, barks, and other related elements can get you as close to the amazing outdoors while still staying in the bathroom.

Now, if you are planning to add them on your own, then we would recommend you not to do it that way; otherwise, the fit can get ruined. Professional work will enhance the fitting of glass and stones in the bathroom, and you can get help from Chicago bathroom remodelers for that perfection in remodeling your bathroom. You can even ask them to embed a vertical garden wall to make it look close to nature. Isn’t it going to look so refreshing and enticing?

Sophisticated Lighting

As we all know, lighting is getting very sophisticated with passing time; thus, designers utilize various lighting sources in vanities, mirrors, and showers. The most amazing part of adding advance and sophisticated lights is that they operate with motion sensors. This means when you enter the bathroom, the lights will welcome you automatically, and when you leave, they will switch off without even touching any boards.

Perfect lighting offers relaxation and escapes from anxiety. So, make sure that when adding lights, you consider the color of lights because it matters a lot when you plan to give your bathroom a more relaxing feel.

Final Words

These days getting peace and relaxation has become a mandate but finding it can be challenging. So why not remodel your home and make it a relaxing place for you.


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