Tips for Furnishing Your Cottage

May 18, 2021

The cottage is an excellent way to take some time away from the bustling city and enjoy some well-deserved summer relaxation. As Canadian summers certainly don’t last forever, it’s important to get the most out of your weekends and live your best cottage life. That’s why this article will share tips on how to furnish your cottage for maximum summer enjoyment:

Create A Cozy Living Room

Along with the great outdoors, the living room is likely where you’ll have some great times. This is where you’ll play games, watch movies, listen to some tunes, and generally just enjoy the company of family and friends. As such, the living room should be a cozy and welcoming area complemented by the right furniture and décor such as:

● Window drapes: choose window drapes that are light and colourful to draw attention to your wonderful view, be it a lakeside panorama or a snapshot of greenery.

● Daybed with trundle: This versatile seating and bedding option is ideal for cottages. It can be used for seating during the day and turned into an extra bed at night when you’ve got the whole crew up the cottage.

● Blankets & Throws: Blankets are a cottage essential. Drape a warm throw over your couch as an accent piece along with some decorative pillows, or toss on a blanket and cozy up to an evening movie. Told you we had you covered!

Add Some Extra Spice To Your Kitchen

From mixing drinks to cooking up delicious summer feasts, the cottage kitchen certainly sees a lot of activity. Rather than undergoing a huge overhaul, the look of your cottage kitchen can be easily updated with a few simple design tweaks.

● A dining table that incorporates natural materials works perfectly in a cottage. From teak to reclaimed wood, there are some great options out there that can reflect nature around you. You’re in a cottage after all!

● Eye-catching wall-decor can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece. Adding paintings, prints, or photographs is a simple way to add visual interest to your space. Unleash your inner artist, and choose pieces that are reflective of your taste or surroundings.

Get Some R&R In Your Bedroom

At the end of a long day of swimming and barbecuing, you’ll want a nice, calming space to catch some z’s. The right bedroom pieces can help ensure you and your guests always wake up on the right side of bed.

● Choose a flexible bed frame that works for all guests. For example, a twin bed might not be the best option for a tall adult. A full / double bed can help adult guests rest easy – consider putting single beds or bunk beds in rooms intended for younger children.

● When it comes to bedsheets, you’ll want something that’s comfortable, durable, and breathable. Natural materials, such as linen, cotton, and bamboo are great options – especially for hot summer nights.

● Add some bedside tables for extra storage and usability. These can be used to store books, table lamps, and other cozy cottage treasures.

● A bedroom wall mirror helps you get your day started easier. This practical addition lets you see yourself in the comfort of your bedroom when needed, instead of heading to the often-busy cottage bathroom.

● Consider installing a ceiling fan for a comfortable breeze on warmer evenings. A ceiling fan with wooden blades offers a more rustic design, while a fan with sleek, metal blades lends more of a contemporary look.

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Of course, when you’re up at the cottage, the goal is to maximize your outdoor leisure time. So, choosing the right outdoor furniture for your patio, dock, or other outdoor spaces is very important. You’ll definitely want some great pieces for the great outdoors.

● Picnic tables: What’s better than a classic cottage picnic? From the deck to the dock or the beach to the backyard, picnic tables are a must. Consider a picnic table that would withstand frequent use, stains, and elements for years to come.

● Barbeques: The barbeque is a cottage staple that can’t be skipped out on. With its sizzling heat, it’s simple to grill crowd favourites like burgers, sausages, and shish kabobs on the barbeque all weekend long.

● Outdoor chaise or lounge sets: If there’s any place that was meant for a good lounging session, it’s the cottage. A set of chaise or lounge chairs on the dock creates a relaxing and inviting setting for everyone.

● Portable patio coolers: No one wants to make multiple trips back to the cottage for drinks. A portable cooler lets you pack plenty of hydrating drinks and snacks to take with you down to the dock, the beach, or on the boat.

● Fire tables: Enjoy the outdoors even longer with a fire table or fire bowl to add ambiance and heat to your outdoor space. A fire table made from high performance cast concrete would keep everyone warm through the night.

Be The Best Cottager You Can Be

Everybody needs a break sometimes; the cottage offers the perfect summer escape in nature. Nature plays a huge part in helping us to relax, and your cottage living space should complement that mindset. Hopefully, these cottage furnishing tips will help you create your ultimate summer getaway.


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