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Why Gutter Covers Are Worth The Investment

Your gutter is the most exposed part of the exterior of your home. Like any other part of your home, it should be maintained and protected. With a gutter protection system, such as a gutter cover, your gutters will be free of dirt, leaves, limbs, and other debris to ensure free water flow away from your home.

In the southeast areas, including Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, we experience heavy rains in the summer and some snowfall in the winter. If you don’t have a gutter protection system in place during weather conditions like these, it could cause problems for your gutters and therefore, your home.

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not gutter covers are worth the investment and we’re here to help settle that debate. Let’s break down several reasons why gutter covers are worth your investment.

What are gutter covers?

Gutter covers are simply covers that are inserted into your gutter system with the intention to help slow down or stop debris from entering your rain gutters, making for less of a need for gutter cleaning.

The material of gutter covers can be made up of plastic, metal, or mesh and attach to your gutter or roof. These covers are made with holes or slots that allow rain and snow to move through and exit your gutter system while blocking out large debris such as leaves and branches.

Not only is it important to block out debris, but it is also crucial that the water has a place to flow away from your home. If water is not properly drained, it can pool around the base of your home, causing expensive damages to your gutters and even flooding.

Are gutter covers worth the investment?

Gutters and downspouts will end up accumulating debris overtime. To avoid serious problems within your gutter system, that debris will have to be cleaned and removed on a regular basis. However, with gutter covers, your gutter system will be protected from building up so much debris.

Overtime, the debris in your gutter system can become wet and heavy, leading to costly damages like flooding, leaking, and gutter collapse. Investing in gutter covers can save you time and money in the long run.

A gutter system without gutter covers will need to be maintenanced more frequently than systems with a cover. If you find that you are cleaning your gutters way too often, it is time to consider investing in a gutter cover.

Gutter covers still require maintenance

Even though gutter covers do not require much maintenance (only two or three times per year), they still need to be serviced. It’s important to note that gutter covers are not foolproof protection against debris that can be left alone for years. It is impossible to make your gutters invincible from debris.

Can’t I just DIY it?

While there are plenty of DIY options for gutter covers, it is not recommended. They may work fine once installed, but they will eventually clog and collapse into the gutters overtime. Properly installed gutter covers from a professional are worth the investment, saving you time, money, and the headache from trying to do it yourself.

Are gutter covers right for you and your home?

If you have…

• Trees in your yard

• Periodic gutter clogging

• Plant growth in your gutters

• Rusting

these are just a few signs that your home is a good candidate for a gutter cover.

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