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10 Tips on Hiring a Commercial Diving Service

If you work in an oil, shipping engineering, or construction company, you might get to a point where you need to hire commercial diving services. Commercial divers help in jobs like deep-sea exploration, repairs, welding, inspection, and photography.

Hiring the right commercial divers not only ensures that you get your job perfectly done, but it also helps reduce any criminal and legal liabilities of your company in case of an accident. Of course, you have to ensure that the company you choose is capable, responsible, and risk-averse.

Some of the tips that will help you get the best commercial divers include:

1. Ensure they have a dive plan

A dive plan indicates:

• The methods the diving company intends to use to accomplish the intended tasks.

• The number of people they will need for the job. The acceptable number of divers for every dive team, according to OHA, is 3. A team leader, diver, and tender.

• The type and number of equipment they will use for your job.

• Time, date, duration, and location of the job.

• List of topside support or assistance for the dive team like plant personnel and crane operator.

• Anticipated conditions in the worksite.

• Maximum dive time for every diver.

• Contact information of the dive supervisor.

• How they intend to communicate with you and give you the performance records.

With a dive plan, you can discuss not only the payment but agree on how long the job should take.

2. Ensure they carry out an advanced planning and assessment

According to the OSHA regulations, the diving company has to carry out an Advanced Planning and Assessment. That helps them determine the size and complexity of the job to help them develop an adequate dive plan.

The Advance planning and assessment help the dive company identify the right number of divers, equipment, and all other things to include in the plan.

3. Look at their educational qualifications

You have to ensure that the commercial divers you get have the right educational and training qualifications. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for some documentation. YMCA, NAUI, and PADI are institutions that offer diving training.

However, they stated that their training is only meant to give students the basic skills to enable them to get into commercial diving schools and conduct recreational diving.

To become a fully experienced commercial diver, divers have to get additional formal training from accredited commercial diving schools, a military school, or equivalents.

You should also ask the company to give you proof that the divers have undergone diver training in an accredited commercial dive school.

4. Look at their occupational qualifications

Since commercial diving is a dangerous job and accidents could happen, you need to ask for proof that all the dive team members have first aid and they should have CPR certification.

5. Ask about their experience

Diving companies that have been in the business for long have mastered all the techniques and know all the requirements and regulations. Therefore, you should determine how long the company you want to work with has been commercial divers.

Also, ask about how many jobs similar to yours they have done and what their biggest job was. You also need to know about some of the challenges they face in the job and how they deal with them.

6. Consider references

To confirm what they say about their experience, you can ask for contacts of some of their clients and ask them about their experience working with the company. You can also read customer reviews from any of their social media platforms.

7. Look at their physical capabilities

Commercial diving requires that the divers are in perfect physical health to sustain them underwater for long. Therefore, you have to ask the company to provide copies of medical examinations declaring their divers fit to carry out and complete the task.

8. Ensure they are licensed

Confirm that the commercial diving company you want to work with is a legal and registered entity, at least in its home state. That keeps you away from any legal trouble of working with an unlicensed company.

You should also ask for their permits to operate and ensure that all documents presented are recent.

9. Look at their insurance

You must also ascertain that the company has insurance to cover any injuries or accidents the divers get into as they work. That eliminates any chances of those kinds of liabilities falling upon you.

10. Ask about their equipment

You should ascertain that the divers are using the right and up-to-date equipment. Some of the things you can do to confirm the quality of their equipment include:

• Ask for results of a breathing air quality test from their breathing air sources.

• Ask for documentation of tests on the breathing gas supply hose.

• Ask for documentation of a test done on their depth gauge and evidence that they calibrate it twice a year.


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