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11 Easy Ways to Clear Up an Overgrown Garden

Contrary to common belief, clearing up an overgrown garden is not that difficult. But to make the task more convenient, it is best to discover how it is usually done. To do this, you need to conduct thorough research. For best results, check out some of the famous garden grooming companies online. You can also consider doing the following.

1. Conduct a comprehensive survey of the area

When you decide to clean up an overgrown garden, try to survey the area first. Doing this will allow you to determine the garden’s actual condition. Make sure to take note of the things you’ve seen during the survey. Try to write all of these down so you won’t miss a thing.

2. Create a systematic and realistic plan

Come up with a realistic plan that will guide you in clearing the overgrown garden up. Try to use the information you obtained during the survey. For example, make a list of the issues you’ve seen and decide how you will resolve each of those. Also, don’t forget to include a list of tools and materials needed to get the job done.

3. Secure all the tools needed

Secure all the tools that you need to use for the task at hand. To make sure that all these are prepared and within your reach, check the list included in your plan. Doing this will make the accomplishment of the task faster and more convenient as well. Finally, place all the needed tools in an accessible spot, so you can reach out for them when the need arises.

4. Remove all debris

Removing all the debris is among the first things to be done when clearing an overgrown garden up. The task involves eliminating foreign objects like the old lawn ornaments, lawn furniture, and more from the area. By doing this, the garden becomes prepared for the other clearing procedures, such as lawn mowing.

5. Decide on what and what not to keep

Aside from removing the debris, the clearing project also involves removing some of the inappropriate garden elements. Thus, it would be best if you decided which should be kept and those that are not. To get the best results, remove the stuff you view as obstructions and those that do not make the area look attractive.

6. Remove unwanted trees

Unwanted tree removal is quite common when clearing an overgrown garden. Professionals usually accomplish this upon the request of the property owner. The procedure is conducted to remove overgrown trees that are no longer pleasing to the eyes. The technique is also an excellent way to remove the trees obstructing the pathway of the garden.

7. Mow the garden’s open areas

Clear the garden’s open areas. This can be accomplished using a mower. The method is considered a convenient option since the mower effectively cuts all the weeds and unwanted plants growing in the area. Furthermore, mowing the garden well makes it look cleaner and more pleasing to the eyes.

8. Define the garden’s edges

As soon as the debris, unwanted trees, and weeds are removed from your garden, start defining its edges. This is usually done by giving the garden’s edges precision trimming. When properly accomplished, this technique will surely provide the landscape of your garden with curb appeal.

9. Prune the trees and shrubs

Not all trees in the garden should be removed when clearing the area up. Likewise, not all shrubs should be removed. Instead, it is best to subject each of them to good pruning. Doing this will provide the garden with a diversified layout and give its overall look a significant boost.

10. Clean or create garden paths

One of the essential elements that a garden should have is the paths. Having these does not only improve the traffic in the area but also improves the area’s aesthetics. Due to this, it is best for you to clean the existing paths in the garden covered by overgrown vegetation. In the absence of existing trails, make sure to create new ones.

11. Hire the service of professionals

Hiring the service of a company that specialises in clearing up overgrown gardens is regarded as a good option by many property owners. Most of them consider this as a better solution for handling overgrown gardens. This is because these service providers are experienced and highly trained. They can quickly complete the project and provide you with the desired outcome. Thus, you only need to look for a reliable company to hire and allow them to do the work for you.

Clearing an overgrown garden is not that difficult. However, accomplishing the said task is very time-consuming and requires much preparation. Due to this, hiring the service of professional contractors is highly recommended. These contractors are proficient in handling the clearing operation, have all the tools needed, and provide better outcomes. But since this involves spending a certain amount of money, it is best to obtain the service of a reliable contractor.


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