3 Flooring ideas for Hampton-style homes.

June 27, 2021

Mentioning ‘Hampton style’ for most people instantly brings up an image of grand coastal holiday homes of New York’s rich and famous. These homes are the epitome of luxury and encapsulate comfort and relaxation. Over a period, Hampton-style homes have become increasingly popular amongst stylish homeowners around the world.


Whether you own a sophisticated beachfront property or a small townhouse, you can always bring in the Hampton-style interior using natural materials like timber. Wide timber floorboards are key to the Hampton style. You can go for solid timber flooring as well as engineered timber flooring depending on your budget. While solid timber is naturally beautiful and an obvious first choice for many, it can be a pricy option. Whereas engineered timber floors offer the sophistication of natural wood without being a strain on your pocket.


If you’re dreaming of a light and airy home with a white interior (in short, a Hampton home), here are the three most popular flooring options for you to choose from.


Light Flooring


Lighter flooring is one of the characteristics of Hampton-style homes. Lighter coloured floorboards can open up space and give you that airy and beachy vibe. Combine it with white curtains to capture natural light and enhance the aesthetics of your home. While classical Hampton homes are far away from minimalistic, you can choose to go for subtle and minimalist décor for your own. Subdued décor and minimalist design combined with a beautiful wide floor can ooze sophistication.


Rustic Flooring 


There is a certain charm to rustic homes. If you’re after rustic or more vintage interior, then you can go for natural solid timber planks. This distressed flooring with colour and texture variation such as visible knots and cracks can make your flooring look more natural. If you love country-style interior, then go for French doors. Theywould look gorgeous and would complement your natural timber floor at the same time.


Parquetry Flooring 


Some unique floor designs literally scream Hampton style. One of them is Parquetry. Parquetry offers an eye-catching and elegant look to your home. The two most popular Parquetry patterns are Herringbone and Chevron. These types of flooring require true craftsmanship and a huge budget especially if you choose hardwood planks. However, laminate herringbone floors are less expensive and easy to install. Going for it is a good idea if you want to achieve an opulent home on an economical budget. Chevron pattern looks fashionable as well. When wooden blocks are placed in a geometric pattern, your floor looks intriguing and visually stunning.


With Parquetry flooring, you can choose to go for darker shades of timber, like walnut or dark chocolate. Combine it with light coloured furniture to achieve your dream space.


‘Hampton style’ has stood the test of time and is undoubtedly one of the most popular kinds of homes people dream of. While the right flooring is essential to this style, there are more elements to consider. Having an elegant exterior, chic outdoor furniture, graceful landscape, beautiful cladding, and crisp décor are vital to Hampton homes.






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