5 Helpful Tips to Lower the Cost of Demolishing a House

June 28, 2021

Home demolition can be essential in a number of ways. A lot of homeowners choose to go through a house teardown project because it is a lot cheaper. Oftentimes, the building’s foundation is already weak which is evident in the appearance of cracks in the walls, uneven flooring, and deterioration of the structure. When the foundation is already compromised, the building becomes an unsafe environment for people to live in. Likewise, when the building is already old, and there is already contamination of a hazardous substance such as asbestos, then it should be demolished. Moreover, homeowners would demolish their house because of natural calamities like earthquakes or floods. On a side note, homeowners who want to sell their property but are having issues with the condition of the building will choose to tear down the building and sell the vacant lot. Vacant lots are easy to market and have a greater value than a house.

Although property owners would choose to demolish their homes, the cost of the project must be considered. And because demolition is a big task, it will oftentimes lead to financial strain, especially with acquiring permits and hiring professional demolition service. Moreover, to prepare your land for a construction project, you need the assistance of excavating contractors. Fortunately, there are ways to cut unwanted costs when you decide to demolish your home or building.

1. Try To Demolish As Much As Possible On Your Own

It may be very convenient to let professionals handle your demolition project, but when you are considering the cost, you will definitely want to cut unwanted costs. It should be noted that there are factors that affect demolition cost. And even though it is not as high as constructing a new house, you will still spend a large amount of money if this is not addressed properly. Unfortunately, a contractor company can charge you depending on the size of your house, the materials that were used to build your house, the location of your home, the demolition method and the contractor that you will hire. Thus, finding ways to lower the cost will help you control your spending. This can be done by simply doing the initial demolition on your own. However, before you begin your own deconstruction, you need to plan and list down the materials that can be reused, donated, recycled and the ones that are to be thrown away. The list of materials is your guide to make sure that your valuables are not thrown away. Furthermore, you will also make sure that you are taking environmental responsibility by categorising the materials that are dangerous and hazardous to human health.

2. Ask Help From Families And Friends To Volunteer On Your Demolition Project

While the basic process of demolition is not really hard and you can easily work on this yourself, the help of your families and friends will make it convenient and safe. You could also ask the help of your neighbours and trained crew members to volunteer. In this way, you could give some of the materials that you don’t necessarily need to your volunteers. For instance, you want to replace old appliances, windows, and doors, and instead of throwing them away, inform your volunteers that they can reuse the materials. Moreover, another way to make sure that you are not throwing away reusable things is to donate them to your local charity. House materials are basically valuable to people in need, hence, before deconstructing your home, make sure to prioritise donating materials that you will not be reusing.

3. Sell Your Internal Fittings To Scrap Yard

By selling your internal fittings to a scrap yard, you will earn extra cash that you could use to pay for your home upgrade. Metal recycling is now becoming popular and important, which could be a great help to you if you are selling copper pipes and wires for your house. Aside from copper, you could also sell aluminium, brass and steel. With that, you are not only earning money but you are helping the environment, as well as putting the recyclable metals in the right place.

4. Make Your House As Burn Exercise For Your Local Fire Department

Another way to cut the cost of demolishing your house is to contact your local fire department and donate it to be a burn exercise. If you are serious about saving a large amount of money, you will truly benefit from the burn exercise activity.

5. Hire Your Local Demolition Contractor Company

There’s no better choice than to choose your local professional contractors because they are more familiar with the processes, especially in acquiring permits, as well as following the government guidelines. Your local contractors can also immediately assist you in your queries before and after the demolition project.

To conclude, the cost of demolition is affected by the size of your house and its materials. However, with the right assistance from your contractor, you will be able to come up with a reasonable budget for your project.


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