7 Home Gardening Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

June 29, 2021

Are you looking to find some of the best home gardening tips to get your garden looking gorgeous?

Nothing beats opening your front door to a lush garden with an array of distinct flora. Gazing at the plants you’ve cared for yourself is relaxing, soothing, and a pleasure to the eyes. Home gardening has especially become more prevalent the past few months with many of us holed up indoors.

From shifting pots to fertilizing soil, here are some home gardening tips for garden novices and seasoned experts alike.

1) Plant New Produce

You don’t need a huge plot of land to have a healthy amount of vegetation. Lots of healthy plants can thrive in old planters and pots. Given that they are nourished with compost and fertilizers and given plenty of sunshine, your carrots, cabbages, and squash can grow in the right conditions.

As mentioned, you don’t need lots of space in the garden to plant produce. You can grow these plants straight from your balcony or window sill.

Pro tip: If you have leftover waste, such as seeds from chillies, you can keep it for later to serve as fresh compost for the next batch of plants. This can save you the cost of purchasing new compost, and it’s enough for plants to grow beautifully under warm weather.

2) Grab Some Framing Tools

Are your garden shears still cutting shrubs effectively? Or are they rusting and starting to dull in sharpness?

Every gardener knows that you should have a trusty pair of framing tools on your tool kit. Framing tools are essential in managing your shrubs and hedges in your home garden, ensuring that no plant gets too out of hand. Not all framing tools work for all occasions—some perform well for hedges while others function at their best with box trees, for instance.

If you’re looking to use some framing tools, you can find some quality framing tools online to help you spruce up your garden.

3) Clean Up Your Lawn

You don’t always have to make a bombastic garden to wow the neighbours. Oftentimes, all you have to consider for your lawn is maintenance and trimming the grass.

Regular mowing, habitual watering, and planting some lawn seeds every now and then make up the fundamentals of a great lawn. When mowing, mow the lawn in both directions to have a more well-kempt trim. When watering, try to get it done before noon time so that it won’t be wet in the evening.

On some days, consider raking your garden to see if there are any empty soil patches. If there are any, you can get some lawn seeds to lift them back up to shape.

4) Find Some Trellis and Plants

Growing vegetables and plants vertically with a trellis saves a lot of space and jumps the aesthetics of your garden. It also helps a tonne if you fear any soil-borne disease and insect damage ruining the health of your plants.

If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some trellises for your garden:

  • A-frame trellises
  • Bamboo teepees
  • Arbours and tunnels
  • Posts and netting
  • Obelisks and bean towers
  • Wire mesh trellises

Whether you plan to grow peas, pole beans, or cucumbers, melons, or something else altogether, a trellis can be a great way to shape up your garden.

5) Use High-Grade Fertilizer

Have you ever wondered how some people produce massive squash or pumpkins? They didn’t grow it bare with normal soil, they used fertilizer to help nourish it to ripeness.

A high-grade fertilizer is pure and dissolves completely in the soil. By using a high-grade fertilizer, you increase your odds of yielding more kilograms of produce.

A good fertilizer doesn’t just guarantee better yields, it also increases the nutritional value of the crops. Additionally, it also decreases the odds of blossom-end rot and splitting. Fertilizer can come in many forms, like granular, liquid, and slow-release capsules, so do your research.

6) Get Artsy With Your Garden

The entire garden is a canvas that you’re free to design to your liking. You’re not just limited to plants, crops, or flowers—you can design with garden accessories too. Whether it’s ceramics, ornaments, or gnomes, you can place various decorative items to make your garden feel special and unique.

Do you feel like your lawn could use a little oomph, but don’t know what exactly can spruce it up? Consider making a garden lounge area. Find some empty space to hold the aptly sized outdoor garden area. There, you can consider jazzing it up with some old garden furniture and other cool knick-knacks that’ll fit the theme that you’re going for. It’s that simple, and it could be its own cool, little DIY project!

7) Diversify Your Pots

One final touchup you can consider is getting some outdoor pots to style your garden! While this is usually secondary to the flowers and plants you choose to get, plant pots can do all sorts of things to spruce up your garden.

Whether you’re going for an exotic to temperate look, use clay to terra cotta pots, or feature planters or single-themed pots, you have unlimited ways to style your garden just the way you like it.

If you’d rather cut costs, you can recycle aluminium tins to grow herbs. You can repaint them to make them look brand-new too.


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