8 Home Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Ought to Know

June 29, 2021

Keeping your house clean is one of the biggest challenges you'll encounter, especially if you have a pet.

Whether you are a fur parent, have a fish, or a gecko for a pet, it is likely that they will slowly take over space in your home. It can be because of their aquarium or cage; toys, food supplies, and accessories; or pet hair and dander.

If you are searching for home cleaning tips for pet parents, you are in the right place! The Goody Pet has a ton of information on how to clean your pets and what products to use. Also, here's how you can keep your house clean and organized while providing a loving forever home for your pets:

1. Lint roller is your friend

Lint rollers are a must-have if you're a pet owner. That's because lint rollers can get hair virtually from any surface.

While it's vital to have a vacuum for general home cleaning tasks, a lint roller is a cost-effective way to gather that fur. You can use it on your clothes, the couch, or throw pillows.

Another handy benefit of using lint rollers is that you can easily use them on virtually any type of surface after you vacuum. This will collect any stray pet hairs or dust that was only stirred up and not sucked by the vacuum.

2. Invest in a vacuum cleaner

As a pet owner, you should invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. This is also something we recommend to our clients at Planet Maids Home Cleaning Services NYC. That is because a vacuum cleaner can collect those pesky pet hairs and get rid of any odors.

Ideally, you need to get one with strong suction, high-quality filters, and excellent brush action. This allows the vacuum to pull out pet hairs instead of just gliding over the surface.

The flooring type in your home is another thing you should consider. If your pet goes to your furniture, you also need to pick a vacuum that can work on upholstery.

If you have a pet that's quite a shredder, you need to vacuum regularly to stay on top of things.

Ensure that you periodically clean the filters out, too, because any dirty and clogged hair will only spread the smell every time you vacuum.

3. Wash the cushions regularly

Maybe you love cuddling with your pet on the couch. But you do this, also remember to wash the cushions regularly.

Pop all the covers, cushion pads, and pillows on the washing machine using a non-bio detergent. Tumble dry them to keep the cushion smelling clean and fresh.

4. Keep their toys organized

If your pet has many toys, it would be best to know some handy tips to declutter your home. This includes keeping the pet toys organized by placing them on baskets or containers in different areas of your home.

Regularly check these toys for wear and tear as well so that you can update their toy collection every now and then. If your pet doesn't play with toys, or if they barely use them, you can instead donate them to a local animal shelter.

5. Neutralize odor with baking soda

Another handy tip to get rid of funky pet smells on your sofa or upholstered chair is to clean it using baking soda. Baking soda is a highly effective stain and bacteria remover.

To do this, you need to sprinkle a generous portion of baking soda on the fabric. Let it for at least 20 minutes so the baking soda can do its magic.

The baking soda will get rid of odors and even get rid of light stains on the fabric.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, get rid of the baking soda and the unpleasant smell using your handheld vacuum. If you have a huge, heavy-duty vacuum, remember to use a hose attachment.

6. Have a spray bottle of stain remover

No matter how trained your pet is around your home, mishaps can still happen here and there. That's why you should always keep a handy bottle of stain remover with you at all times.

You can quickly grab this if an unexpected accident happens so that you can minimize your cleaning times. It is unhygienic to put off cleaning after your pet, either.

Bacteria and other diseases can quickly spread in your home affecting you, and other family members.

7. Deep clean all pet collars and toys

It might be easy to forget on your part to clean your pet's collars and toys, but they're essential. Collars, for instance, can get smelly pretty quick.

For a more effective, deep clean, we recommend that you place dog shampoo on a bowl of hot water. Let your pet's collars and toys soak there for at least thirty minutes.

After you're done, rinse these in cold water, and let them dry afterward. Doing a deep clean in your pet's collars and toys will help keep your home and pet clean and fresh.

But it's also worth noting that not every pet product is made the same.

Some may need to be cleaned with special care. That's why it helps that you check with the manufacturer on proper care instructions.

8. Brush pets regularly

It's worth noting that some pets shed quite a lot. That's precisely why you need to create a strict cleaning routine or schedule when collecting pet fur.

Apart from that, it would be best if you also groom your pets regularly. Doing so reduces the amount of pet hair in your home. Brushing your pet at least a couple of times a week can make all the difference.

We also recommend that you consult your vet about the right tools that need to be used for specific breeds.

So, we recommend that you stick with a regular grooming schedule for your fur babies, and you'll enjoy a much cleaner home as well.

Not to mention, a lot of dogs (and even some cats) loved to be brushed. So, consider this as a bonding time with them as well.

Let's face it: Keeping the house clean when you have pets can be tricky. Luckily, there are quick and handy tips that you can do to prevent accumulating clutter and mess. That way, you can keep giving your fur babies (or whatever pet you have) a loving forever home.


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