8 Tips on Choosing an Elegant Antique Furniture

June 4, 2021

Most people find it easy to find some of the antique furniture at flea markets, auction houses, and antique stores. However, to make the right choice on which furniture is an antique and which one is just a piece of old furniture, you have to understand the difference. In most cases, people have had to depend on antique appraisers to ascertain if the piece is a genuine antique or knock-off.

To avoid spending too much on junk, here are a few tips you can use to find the best antique furniture for your home.

The first step is to check for unique markings

These markings vary from piece to piece, with most featuring signatures, stamps, or labels showing who and how the piece of furniture was made. Elegant Antiques in Sydney are an expensive addition to your furniture collection. Hence, you need to be cautious when making a purchase.


Most pieces may seem elegant at first glance. However, the piece you are spending on needs to be worth every penny. It needs to be something that brings out feelings of excitement. Due to their price tag, you wouldn’t want something that brings you an eyesore every time you lay eyes on it. You also need to think about their functionality in your home. Buying various pieces as an investment may leave you with several pieces of furniture that you don’t need. It doesn’t make sense to buy antique furniture with the hope of reselling them at a later date.

Differentiate between repair and replacement

Repairs are used to hold the original pieces of the antique furniture together. However, replacement is where a damaged part of the furniture is replaced entirely with a new one. In some cases, the repair may be what the furniture needs to bring out the old look, especially if you are going for a rich old décor. Keep in mind that increased modification on the original piece tends to lower the value of the piece.

Check the condition of the furniture

The piece may be easy on the eyes but riddled with problems on the inside. To be sure, check for signs of damage such as cracks, fractures, tears, breaks, scratches, missing parts, or discoloration. Most furniture is likely to suffer damage or experience wear and tear in areas such as handles, drawers, or the backs of chairs—sections where frequent experience contact.

Check for Authenticity

Now, this is where most people get cheated out of their hard-earned money, especially if you purchase privately or from an unknown dealer. You need to be sure what you are buying is the real deal and not just a smart replica. The antique market is filled with dealers who can make exact replicas of an antique capable of passing off as the real item. However, with the services of a professional, you can ascertain the authenticity of the material by looking at the material used. The fake furniture is usually made out of cheaper materials compared to the original piece.

Look Closely

Choosing a piece of antique furniture is an intricate exercise that involves checking how the furniture was made. Antique furniture ideally should be handmade, displaying some of the best hand craftsmanship. You should look at features such as kerf marks left by saws behind drawers, dovetail joints made at the corners to join pieces of wood. Dovetail joints are key in determining the precise age of the antique furniture and are also a good display of the carpenter’s craftsmanship.


When buying antique furniture, you need to weary about the painting on the piece. Most antique dealers use paint to mask several damages and errors to the furniture. When making a purchase, focus on furniture pieces spotting their original paint.


Antique furniture is generally very old. This means it is not a guarantee to find a piece in perfect shape. The paint or varnish may be worn out or the handles rusty and dull. In some cases, the dealer can decide to give the piece a refinishing touch to add life to the piece. However, some pieces may not yield the desired results when refinished.

Before making a purchase, evaluate the potential refinishing as a guide in buying a piece of elegant antique furniture.

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One comment on “8 Tips on Choosing an Elegant Antique Furniture”

  1. I find it fascinating that you could combine antique and contemporary furniture to create a unique twist around your interior. My brother is looking for tips on how to boost the resale value of his home. I'll be sure to pitch this idea to him so he could try it out before inviting guests.

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