Best Gifts For People Who Take Their Wine Seriously

June 9, 2021

When we know about a person’s preferences, choosing a gift becomes a relatively simple and enjoyable experience. If your friend is a wine lover, wine glasses are a fairly straightforward gift idea.This would make it easy to find something they don't have or that could be a great addition to their existing collection.

In this case, we have a dozen of the best gift ideas that will appeal to fans of a glass of red or white wine. Our selection of original gifts will delight your connoisseur of this noble drink.

Drinking wine is an artisanal hobby. Check out some of the top rated red wines. Keep reading for a list of the best gifts.

A Wine Picnic Bag

An excellent piece for those who like to enjoy this drink at a picnic or on the road. Besides, these bags are made with superior spill protection.

The bag owner does not even need to take the bottle out of it - open the special tap and pour the wine when it's convenient.

Neck Wine Glass Holder

You've probably noticed that at some parties, people walk around with a glass in hand, try snacks, and converse. Sometimes, it would be better to free your hand from the glass without leaving it on the table ... for such a case, an excellent solution was invented - a glass holder.

Themed 3D Crystals

ArtPix store provides unlimited opportunities for those who want to make a truly original and personalized gift. Here you have the chance to order a special gift for a wine lover in the form of a 3D crystal photo. An assortment of various crystal types allows you to choose the perfect option for your case.

Just visit the site to choose and order crystals online. All customers who decide to order 3D crystal from us get numerous benefits: discounts, fast delivery, a rich choice.

Dispenser-Glass for Wine

Now you not only have a particular container for wine, but you always know how much you want to drink.

Jumpsuit Shaped Wine Case

An original gift that will protect an expensive bottle from possible damage. Besides, it will look stylish and compliment any feast.

Upside Down-Wine Glass

Surprise your friends! Imagine drinking wine from the other side of the glass and how it will discourage and amuse those around you!

Wine Coolers in the Form of Grapes

Some wines perfectly convey the taste only when cold. And what could be better than a glass of this beautiful cool drink on a hot summer evening? These grapes are somewhat similar to whiskey stones. They only look stylish and authentic, perfect for a wine glass.

Wine Thermometer

Speaking of temperature ... When serving wine, it's essential to monitor its temperature: manufacturers often write on the label to what extent it needs to be cooled. Precision up to one degree will help the wine open up and give the full taste and aroma. A thermometer bracelet will keep the situation under control.

Bottle Cooling Bucket

Have you noticed that restaurants serve wine in a unique ice bucket? This is done not only for beauty but also for a practical purpose - so that the drink remains cold for a long time and does not lose its qualities. This accessory is suitable for professional use and home use.


The wine went through many production stages and was stored for many months (or even years) before it was on your table. And now we need to help him reveal all his properties. To show all the shades and aromas of red wines, you need a decanter - a unique decanter.

Silicone Wine Glasses

A convenient solution for those who always love to taste and relax with wine. Alone or with a company. They are suitable glasses: they do not take up space and are easy to clean. Plus, silicone is resistant to drops, scratches, and heavy objects.

Wine Bottle Holder

Every dedicated sommelier or oenophile should have this thing! First, it's noble and stylish. Second, the wine must be stored appropriately, and the bottle must be tilted slightly to aerate the wine (air saturation). For such purposes, a unique stand is used, which firmly holds the wine in a tilted position.

Wine Towels

A cute and practical accessory for the kitchen or dining table. After all, we often need to wipe our hands or lay beautiful cloth napkins on the table. This option will be an excellent move for those who love wine.

Red Wine Stain Remover

Sometimes we inevitably get our clothes dirty by spilling wine or accidentally jerking our hands with a glass. Sometimes wine stains are not easy to remove. Unless, of course, you have a special stain remover just for such cases.

Original Cork

Now the assortment of various plugs will surprise anyone. You can find and order wine corks in the form of fruits, animals, themed figurines - whatever.

Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

Outwardly, such products resemble jars with lids. But these are efficient solutions for picnics, feasts, train rides, or meetings in the park. Such glasses will never turn over, and the wine will never pour out.

Wine Set

A classic gift that will suit any wine fan or just a connoisseur of this drink. These kits usually include:

  • corkscrew
  • bung
  • watering can
  • ring

You can buy such a set in the shape of a bottle of wine for more presentability.

A Glass that Can Hold a Volume of Liquid

Bottles of Wine

Remember the joke about "just one glass of wine"? Now only you determine how much wine your glass will hold. Even if the whole bottle! By the way, this is one of the top gifts for wine lovers.

Wine Cork Stands

A great addition to Enophile cuisine. Cork coasters provide excellent heat and scratch resistance. Also, shops can offer other gifts online made from this material: photo frames, stands, paintings, etc.

Silicone Wine Markers

Now no one will mix up glasses at a party! These pieces come in a variety of colors and are easy to hold and remove from the glass.

Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser

To experience all the richness of the taste of wine, it's worth turning to technology. The device uses three aeration methods: magnet, red light, and oxygenation. This refreshes the wine and makes the taste soft. The considerable difference will be felt not only by an experienced sommelier but also by an amateur.

Finally, present your friend with a bottle of good wine, and he will appreciate such gifts you can make with this selection.

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