Best Places to Have Concrete Polished Floors in Your Home

June 3, 2021

Polished concrete flooring is a process that you can do using concrete, gravel, sand, cement, and water, along with chemical densifiers. These densifiers work to fill the holes and pores in the concrete.

The poured concrete is ground down with diamond polishing tools, which get finer until the sheen level and smoothness that you desired is achieved. Floor Polishing have various advantages, such as:

  • A seamless look between inside and outside, polished concrete flooring is also appropriate for exterior use, for example, it is ideal for a place where sliding doors have been incorporated into the home design.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean, this type of flooring is perfect for households with pets in a room with a high level of foot traffic as it is durable, and simple to keep clean.
  • A sleek and smooth flooring type that suits the minimalist interiors of many contemporary homes.

Best Places at Home

Concrete flooring is a beautiful way to make your house look attractive and beautiful. You can install the polished concrete floor at various parts of your home, such as:


Despite its sheen, polished concrete is an ideal non-slippery type of flooring and is good for kitchen flooring. It will seamlessly look great in the corridors, especially when connecting a kitchen-diner with the garden.


Polished concrete can look lovely in bathrooms as there will be no grout. It will give a perfect look. It is easy to slip on a highly polished floor when wet, hence you need to finish it with additional sanding to give it some texture.


Polished concrete flooring will give your room a classic and rich look. Due to its polished properties, it will be very helpful for you to clean the floor as dust and stain can be easily removed here. The reflections of the light which the floor will give can make the room look even more attractive.


The various surface finish and color options available in the concrete floors offer you a lot of variety. You can install concrete flooring in a hallway to get a stylish floor that will add to the beauty of the house exponentially.

How is Polished Concrete Flooring Installed?

The most used way for a domestic floor to be poured and finished is to use the flooded bay method. According to the experts, in the largest area, they pour 5m x 5m. For areas more extensive than this, inducement joints will be cut in the day after the flooring has been poured, with the help of a neat saw.


Polished concrete flooring is one of the best ways to make your home look more beautiful. The sleek look of polished concrete can provide a unique ambience to your house. . The trend for polished concrete flooring has drastically increased globally, and most households already have it. The article discussed all the best places in your home where you can have concrete floors. You can connect with us through t for further suggestions and can get the polished concrete flooring job done for yourself.


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