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Booking A Short-Term Rental in Atlanta? Here’s Everything To Know Beforehand


Planning a vacation to Atlanta? If yes, why not book short-term rentals instead of hotels as an accommodation?

The popularity of short-term rentals is increasing each day, and many tourists and visitors are choosing them over the other accommodation options. Simply put, short-term rentals are self-contained homes or apartments that you can rent for a short period of a month or so. They are often seen as a substitute for hotels. You can fulfill all your requirements of a short stay in the short-term rentals in Atlanta while making the most of comfort and luxury.

Often hotels are considered to be an obvious accommodation option for vacations, business meetings, etc., But unless your stay is limited, paying for the hotel can cost you a fortune. Also, hotels allow you a restricted space to stay. There is no place to cook or do other chores, and paying for these may get even pricier.

Short-term rentals help cut down your expenses of staying in a hotel to half. You can enjoy a private unit with additional rooms, a kitchen, as well as some extended amenities. This concept of temporary living can be experienced not only in the apartments but in corporate housing or executive suites as well.

Before you book any short-term rental in Atlanta, Nashville, or any other place, you must thoroughly learn about everything that it has in store for you.

Type of unit:

A short-term rental can be in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from among the options ranging from an independent home to an apartment or a condo complex – simply anything you want. You can decide on the unit by planning your budget, knowing your requirement, and then selecting from the leads so available.

Terms of lease:

Short-term rentals require you to pay a lease. They could be either a fixed or short-term contract or a month-to-month lease that renews itself automatically. When you choose a fixed-term contract with the service provider, your rent expenses remain the same until the expiry of the lease. On the other hand, when it comes to a month-to-month lease, the rent changes over time.

You may also extend your short-term rental by asking the manager or service provider about the terms and conditions associated with rental extensions.

Types of amenities:

The good thing about opting for a short-term rental service is that you get to enjoy countless amenities like that in a hotel. The corporate housings for short-term rentals include all sorts of facilities such as 1+ rooms, kitchen, furniture, washer, internet, towel, basic cleaning supplies, etc. Short-term rentals also provide a washer and dryer that you may share with the other guests in the laundry area.

You can also order housekeeping and various other concierge services by paying an additional fee. In all the goodness, the fee and the rental remain relatively low compared to the hotel services. Thus, you get to enjoy all the luxuries at a fairly reasonable price.

Other perks and services:

Some short-term rentals also offer package deals. These packages let you add only those amenities that you want during the stay. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to pay for the facilities you don’t want to enjoy. You can also customize your package to higher levels of services, depending upon your requirement and budget.

There is a plus point for the pet owners too. Many short-term rentals also allow animals, provided, pay some extra fee, and you are good-to-go.


The short-term rental industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The demand for this type of accommodation is continuing to increase by each day. Look for the best short-term rentals for your upcoming trip to Atlanta and stay comfortably.


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