Calculate Hexagon Area: How to Calculate It

June 7, 2021

Calculate Hexagon Area

Calculate Hexagon Area

Read more about how to calculate hexagon area here. The hexagon is a polygon that has six sides and six angles in it. Similarly, the Pentagon has five sides, but the Octagon has eight. Also, the hexagon's internal angles have all been calculated to be 120 degrees. A hexagon is a closed two-dimensional six-sided polygon in geometry. It consists of six-line segments and six vertices that make up six internal angles. Also, let us learn about the area of a hexagon. Commonly used, the sum of interior angles of a Polygon is given by-


Definition Hexagon: Calculate Hexagon Area

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon with six angles and six straight sides. The word "hexagon" comes from the Greek words "hex," which means "six," and "gonia," which means "corner, angle." The term "regular hexagon" refers to a hexagon with all six sides and angles equal. Aside from that, it's an irregular hexagon. Furthermore, to better comprehend the concepts around the form, we solely deal with normal hexagons in this discussion. There are two sorts of hexagons:

Hexagon Regular

It is said to be regular if all of its sides are the same length and all of its interior angles are the same size. In addition, the interior angle is 120 degrees. Six symmetrical lines and rotational symmetry of order six make up a regular hexagon.

Hexagon with an Irregular Shape

This is a hexagon that consists of unequal sides.

Concave Hexagon

A concave hexagon is one that has at least one internal angle which is greater in value than 180°. A concave hexagon is A hexagon with at least one vertice pointing inwards. In terms of sides, it might be either regular or irregular.

Convex Hexagon

A convex hexagon is one in which all of the inner angles are less than 180 degrees. All of the vertices are also pointing outwards from the center. Also, this is a common sort of hexagon that we see frequently while dealing with geometric forms. Furthermore, it could either be a regular or irregular hexagon. All of the sides of a regular hexagon are the same length, and all of the internal angles are the same value. Also, the regular hexagon has rotational symmetry of order 6. The sides and angles of the irregular hexagon aren't equal, and the angles aren't the same.

Unique Properties of Hexagon

  • Each side of a regular hexagon is the same length.
  • Because each side is the same length, it is an asymmetrical shape.
  • A regular hexagon's opposite sides will always be parallel to each other.
  • Six equilateral triangles = regular hexagon.
  • A regular hexagon has 120 angles, each of which is equal

Hexagon Shapes

Next, we may come across a variety of hexagonal-shaped things. A honeycomb, a nut, the white divisions of a volleyball, a traffic stop board, the back end of pencils, and bolts are all examples of real-life hexagonal things.

Structure of Hexagon

Hexagonal patterns are everywhere. Parallelograms are irregular hexagons with parallel opposing edges that can tile the plane through translation. Parallel Hedrons are hexagonal prisms with parallel opposing faces in three dimensions that can tessellate 3-space through translation.

Hexagonal Area: Calculate Hexagon Area

Calculate using the following formula:

Area (A) of a hexagon = (Apothem × Perimeter)/2

The distance between the midpoint of any of the sides and the hexagon's center is called apothem. Finally, now you know how to calculate hexagon area. Lastly, check us out on Instagram. We also have a Facebook and Twitter account as well. Please leave your thoughts and comments there. What do you think? I love math!

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