Concrete polishing Best Tools and Equipment

June 3, 2021

Polishing is a process in which you change the surface of the concrete until it has the right finish. Your ultimate goal is to get polished concrete with a texture that blends with your taste. To reach your goal, the process involves a few steps. The first step is grinding, then honing, and finally polishing the surface.

After grinding concrete surfaces, you have a dull and flat look with minimal sheen. The surface will get a little bit of sheen after honing but for the shiny, mirror-like surface, you have to wait until the last step of the process that is polishing the surface is completely done. However, each step requires proper equipment which makes the job easy and will save time.

Best Polishing Tools and Equipments

The important tools required for a perfect concrete polished floor are:

Grinders and Polishers:

For good polishing, the correct weight and RPM (rotations per minute) of the grinder are necessary. Grinders have different sizes which can go up to 36 inches. The size of the grinder depends on the area of the surface that a polisher covers in one day. For polishing the concrete, you need a grinder that has a higher RPM. Remember that cutters should be considered as well. You have to choose the right cutters for grinders.

Diamond Tools for Grinding and Polishing:

The second important piece of equipment that you need for a concrete polished floor is diamond tools. There are two different kinds of pad tools and they are metal bond tools and resin tools. Metal bond tools grind and polish the hard preparing concrete floors, while as for polishing the surface you have to use resin tools.

Industrial Floor Vacuum:

For your health, you must have an Industrial Floor Vacuum. The grinding and polishing process gives rise to a lot of dust which can be hazardous to your health. Therefore, you have to clean up all the fragments leftover with a good quality vacuum. It makes cleaning so much easier and also saves a lot of time.

Hardening and Compacting Agents:

For hardening the concrete and making it denser, you have to use some agent. There are two different agents for two different purposes. Hardener agent makes the concrete hard and hence it is easy to polish the surface. While compacting agents make the concrete floor water-resistant, stain-free, and shiny for a long time.

Colouring Agents:

A plain light floor is too old-fashioned. Today, you can have different floor colors as per your choices. You can achieve this with the help of dyes and stains. Moreover, you can enhance the look by adding glass beads, integral color, metal pieces or colored aggregate, etc. It helps you to create a great-looking concrete polished floor as per your vibe.


The process is technical therefore the right tool is important. With the help of appropriate tools, you can create the perfect concrete polished floor with an aesthetic appearance and it will amaze you with the results. The article covers all the important tools required for polishing extensively. You can also connect with us at for any expert help.


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