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Different uses for a Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are the machines that take the freshly mixed concrete to the place where it has to be poured through horizontal or vertical pipelines. It has a motor engine. Before the invention of the concrete pumps, mixed concrete used to be placed in the hoppers and then cranes were used to carry it to the specific place.

This process was hectic and uneconomical. Hence, concrete pumps came into existence and now they have a wide application in almost every large project like municipal construction, electric power, transportation, and other industrial buildings construction.

Here is the list of its uses:

  • With the help of it, you can complete large projects in minimum time.
  • You can conveniently use it at high heights and make it easy for construction.
  • Weather will not affect it. You can use it anywhere and anytime.
  • By using it, you can reduce labor costs as it does not require many workers.
  • You can use these pumps to pour fresh concrete mixture right at the required place.
  • You can also use it in a tunnel which is otherwise a difficult place for construction.
  • It reduces the wastage of concrete.
  • It is effective and economical for construction projects.

Type of Concrete Pump

There are two types of pumps available in the market based on their working principles. . These are piston pumps and squeeze pumps. You can choose one of them as per the requirements of your project.

Piston Type Concrete Pump has a delivery hopper where you can place the freshly mixed concrete. The pump uses a piston for pumping the concrete that is present in the hopper. These pumps also have two valves that are coherent with each other. There are also rubber cups present to ensure that pressure is not released.

Uses of Piston Concrete Pump:

  • It pumps concrete from a distance of 1000m horizontally and 120m vertically.
  • It can pump 130cu.m of concrete per hour.
  • If there is any blockage or formation of concrete plugs, it is very easy to repair because of its setup.

Squeeze Type Concrete Pump is also known as peristaltic type pump. It usually connects to a vehicle and hence can be mobile. It has a delivery hopper with rotating blades in which you can pour freshly mixed concrete. Rotating blades continuously assist by pushing the concrete into the pumping chamber.

The pump also maintains a vacuum pressure of 60cm of mercury continuously inside the pumping chamber. Moreover, it has two rollers that connect to a planetary drive and continuously force the concrete through the delivery hose.

Uses of Squeeze Concrete Pump:

  • For small projects, it is just perfect.
  • Can pump 20cu.m of concrete per hour.
  • Pumps concrete from a distance of 90m horizontally and 30m vertically.
  • It requires less lubricant.
  • Is easy to clean.


Concrete pumps have many uses but the most valuable use is that it saves a lot of time and makes everything easy. Although they have great advantages, remember these pumps are not made for smaller projects. The article covers all the details of the concrete pump and its uses. For more information and expert guidance, you can also connect with City Concrete Pumping Auckland.


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