Dumpster Rental Companies Helping with Home Renovations in Rockville

June 18, 2021

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There are several reasons why people decide to embark on a home renovation project. Some of the reasons include the need for - increased comfort, fixing safety issues, increased efficiency, increased real estate value of the property, and expansion.

These are just some of the reasons as they are a lot more than these. Well, regardless of the reason for embarking on this project, one thing is certain. It is that a renovation project leaves a huge amount of waste and debris. To know how much debris and waste this project is capable of causing, you can visit: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-11/documents/2014_smmfactsheet_508.pdf

It is therefore necessary to keep the place in order by properly disposing of the wastes and debris. There are various ways you can sort this out. One option is to rent a pickup truck and have the things transferred to the approved dumpsite in your location.

Well, this option usually turns out as not cost-effective. First, it costs more especially if you do not have the dump site close by. This is especially true for residents of Rockville. Secondly, it takes a lot of your time which could have been spent doing other constructive things.

For this reason, we think dealing with a dumpster rental company is a lot better. You would arrive at the same conclusion when you consider a lot of things.

It is for this reason this article aims to answer some questions related to using this service during your home renovation project in Rockville. We advise anyone thinking or about having the home or office renovated in other locations to keep reading. This is because the information shared is also relevant to them.

Why You Should Deal with a Dumpster Rental Company for Your Home Renovation Project

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We strongly advise that you deal with a dumpster rental company for the following reasons:

Designed to Meet Your Need

With these service providers, you do not have to bite more than you can chew. This means that you only need to hire them to offer the exact service that you need.

With dumpster rental services, you have a wide range of dumpsters that you can choose from. Some of the options include 6, 4, 10, 20, and 15-yard options. The number of the yard determines the size of the dumpster.

These are just the common sizes of dumpsters available. So, you can get one that serves you amongst the various options.

The Possibility of Having Your Items Recycled

We need to be proactive about saving the planet and our lifestyle choices must reflect this. One of the ways to do this is by making sure recyclable items do not get wasted. For more on the importance of recycling waste, you can read this.

As a result of the need to recycle certain wastes, dealing with dumpster rental companies is a better decision. This is because a good number of these companies in Rockville and several other places work with recycling companies.

As a result, you are certain that your waste is disposed of properly for the environment’s sake. These companies are required to adhere to environmental codes and this makes it even better.

The Cost of Hiring a Dumpster Rental Company

Several factors determine the cost of engaging the services of these service providers. This is especially to assist with your home renovation project. Some of the factors include the following:

The Kind of Dumpster Rented

There are many sizes of dumpsters that can be rented as explained above. The size you rent largely influences the cost of the service offered by these companies. For instance, renting a 10 yard is certainly going to cost more than a 4-yard size.

The Length of Time it would be Used

The length of time you would make use of it also determines the cost. For some companies, there is a fixed price for some days. However, exceeding the fixed days means extra charges.

The Kind of Wastes and Debris

You should know that you do not have the exclusive right to put just anything in the dumpster. This is because putting certain waste will violate the policy of the rental company and even certain local codes.

So, you need to be certain of what you can use the company service to dispose of. Having studied various company policies and local codes in Rockville, we have gathered that the following items are not permitted in these dumpsters:

  • Poisons
  • Corrosive liquid
  • Combustible/flammable materials
  • Explosives
  • Biological and hazardous waste

However, some items are accepted but would cost you more. Depending on the company, some of them may include:

  • Mattress
  • Couches
  • Tires
  • Appliances Used in the House
  • Refrigerators
  • Carpet
  • Propane/Butane Tanks
  • Office Furniture


For Rockville residents about to embark on a house renovation project, making use of dumpster rentals Rockville is a wise decision. It is a lot better than disposing of your debris or waste using other methods as explained in this article.

We advise people that need to use this service to make detailed findings of the cost and operations of the service provider before engaging their services. For instance, this is so that you do not have to deal with some unknown hidden charges.


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