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Easy Ways To Integrate The Colour Green Into Your Home

Would you love to include green in your home aesthetic, but you don’t know how? These easy suggestions will help.

Green is having a bit of a moment when it comes to home decor. Mint pastel green, lush forest green, jewel emerald green – all of the greens have a place in a gorgeous home aesthetic.

Whether you bring green into your home with plants, or you find some vintage green treasures hidden away in a storage unit and dot them around, green decor is bound to look beautiful in your home. It’s a natural, raw colour full of life and growth.

Would you love to get on board the green decor train, but you just don’t know how? Don’t worry, these easy ways to integrate the colour green into your home will help:

Get Botanical With Your Art

Botanical art provides visual interest with gorgeous shapes, outside-in vibes and of course, the colour green. Use botanical art for a splash of colour, or consider using botanical photographs, perhaps of leaf macro photography if you prefer something more realistic.

Get Planty

Plants offer a way to integrate green into your home aesthetic whilst also offering the mental and physical health benefits plants provide at the same time. From lime green philodendrons, to variegated monstera Thai constellation, there’s every colour of green you can think of with houseplants.

Put Green On Plain

Green is a bold colour that stands out best with natural tones like cream, plain wood, stone and brick. If you have a neutral, clutter-free home already, you should be all set. Otherwise, check out some decluttering tips to ensure green accessories work in your home.

Try Green And Pink

Green and pink naturally complement each other, so if you want a little more colour, try mixing these two tones together. It’s a loud statement, but one worth considering if you really want to go bold and beautiful.

Get Your Garden Green

Green isn’t a natural colour for the garden decorations because it exists in the foliage you already have in your outdoor space. However, if you’re afraid of being experimental in your home right away, green can be a good colour to try with your outdoor decor.

When you’re making your garden look great for summer, experiment with different green wood paints, green throws and cushions to see which tones you’re most drawn to. When the time comes to decorate inside, you’ll be more acquainted with green and will have a starting point to go from.

What About Leopard Print?

Leopard print looks fantastic with green, so if you are hoping to add jungly, wild energies with your aesthetic, try this combination. Start small, perhaps with a green plant pot, and a leopard ornament, and go from there. Add some monstera leaf print to this theme and you’re well on your way to creating a tropical paradise.

How About Green Glass?

Green glass is absolutely stunning, especially if you opt for large curved pieces like old green glass bottles. Stick to the rule of three in different sizes for the best visual effect.

Collect Some Free Sea Glass

Do you live on the coast? Sea glass is free to collect and offers some stunning natural green tones mixed together, because no piece of sea glass is the same. Try collecting it and placing all your pieces in a jar with some fairy lights.

Paint A Crate

Apple crates and similar wooden crates are often cheap to buy, or even free. Why not give them a splash of your favourite green shade for some on-trend storage?

Go Gently Into Green With Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are the cheapest way to integrate any new trend into a home. From grass style rugs, to luxurious thick knit mint green throws, there are plenty of ways for you to try green in your decor without breaking the bank.

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