Facts About Garden Windows

June 28, 2021

A garden window is a special type of window that is usually slightly protruding from the exterior wall of the house.

It usually is best when placed next to the sink in the kitchen. It is mainly used to grow herbs used in cooking though individuals can also opt to grow other kinds of plants depending on their preference.

It can also be used as a source of lighting due to the three or four dimension panes installed. While replacing a standard window with it is less expensive, installation of garden windows requires professionalism to ensure that all important dynamics are considered. Failing to do so will mean the window will not meet its purpose.

  • Increased value

They may be an ordinary thing to the owner, but they might not be to the buyer when one is considering selling the house.

It is exciting to know that at the point the house is to be sold, its value increases due to the garden window. Such are not common, which makes it highly likely to have the potential buyer find it adorable.

Even in situations where the buyer previously had one, getting one in a new home will be counted as a replacement for the previous one, which is a good thing for them. The house has an additional charm that makes it more attractive to potential buyers than without one.

  • More storage space

Usually, kitchens get overcrowded without one noticing until they try to store something only to realize that they do not have enough space. In such cases, garden windows serve the purpose of storing simple items such as collectibles. It also provides a safe place for kitchen items such as jars.

  • Installation

Compared to traditional windows, they tend to be more expensive since their installation requires quite a lot of money.

The bigger it is supposed to be, the more the amount needed to install it. It also cannot be installed just anywhere. It is best placed on the window facing the garden; that way, the risk of having the glass broken is lower.

This prevents it from taking up space used as a pathway which poses the danger of causing injury to individuals as they pass by. See this link to read on how you can install the window on your own https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/rooms-and-spaces/doors-and-windows/how-to-fit-and-install-a-garden-window

  • Energy saving

Those that are made from glass have a thickness of approximately 2.5 cm. This means that they can prevent heat loss since most heat from the house is lost through the doors and other ventilation.

As soon as the garden is installed, the inside will begin to feel warmer. The most exciting thing is that during summer, the glass ensures that the interior remains cool.

In the end, this means that some money that would have been otherwise used to regulate the temperature in the interior is eventually saved up.

  • Sight view

It is exciting to have the kitchen facing towards the play field because that way, parents can clearly monitor their children as they play in the field since the glass installed is either three or four dimensions. Even more exciting, it gives one the advantage of having a chance to see what is happening outside and enjoy the outside view when cooking or cleaning dishes.

  • Indoor gardening

It can be used as a greenhouse and used to grow different herbs throughout the year. Just like in the outside space, the plants get enough lighting since the sunlight penetrates the glass.

Watering is also effortless since it is done right from the tap water available in the kitchen. It generally provides the chance to have a mini greenhouse that is cheaper to maintain compared to having the greenhouse itself.

  • Ventilation

It serves as a convenient ventilation system by allowing air circulation to take place in an efficient manner. It also ensures that the plants have enough air and reduces condensation that happens, especially at the corners of the house, making the house have more fresh air.

  • Material

While garden windows are supposed to bring in energy efficiency, not all will be energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is highly reliant on the materials used to construct the frame. The best frames are those made from fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl.

Other individuals may prefer using E-coating that will work to the advantage of having heat retention by enhancing insulation. Click here to read more.


Having a garden window makes the kitchen generally brighter. It is a space that one can continually be creative with as time goes by. One can even opt to use it as a place to store cooking books when using them. However, they should never stay there for long since books get damaged by sunlight. To a huge extent, it can also serve as a therapy by giving individuals a relaxed feeling after having intense days at work. Finally, it provides a safe space to place broken kitchen items that may be of use in the future.


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