Film Favorites: What Is a Film Kit?

June 7, 2021


Building a film kit without the right knowledge can be a challenge. What do you prioritize, and what do you need to include, to make sure that you have everything you need to start shooting?

Luckily, you don't have to start choosing your equipment blindly. We've got what you need to start your film kit like a professional.

Choose The Right Camera

When choosing a camera, you'll want to make sure that you're choosing one that suits your needs. Ideally, you'll want a DSLR camera, so that you'll be able to switch lenses when needed.

Usually, a DSLR will come with a base lens, which will work in some situations. Other lenses you may want to look into include 50mm and 35mm lenses. You can get filters for your camera lenses, too, to change up your shot without breaking the bank.

If you're planning to do a lot of running around and on-the-fly shooting, you may want to have a video camera on hand as well. You need to have a tripod when shooting with a DSLR, to avoid shaky shots, but it's much easier to shoot freehand with a video camera.

You can also get a monopod for some cameras, in order to keep your shot steady in faster-paced situations.

Prioritize Audio

Many beginner filmmakers prioritize other aspects of filmmaking over audio, which is a mistake. While some mistakes can be fixed in post-production, bad audio can ruin a video.

You'll want to have lavalier microphones on hand (either wired or wireless versions) to capture your subject's audio, along with a boom mic for surround and for backup sound.

Use zoom recorders, rather than recording audio straight to the camera. And, have a good set of headphones on hand so that you'll be able to test your audio while you're on the go.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

External lighting is needed when your setting doesn't have the right lighting. Box lights and LED panels are a good choice when you're just starting out. You'll need stands and clamps to go with them so that you can properly position the lights for your film shoots.

You should also ensure that you have gels and filters so that you can light different people in different situations. You can get a premade film lighting kit if needed.

If you can't quite afford what you need, look into Film Equipment Rental for your shooting needs.


To make sure your shoot goes smoothly, you need to be prepared. Have extra memory cards and batteries on hand for all of your equipment, and back up your memory cards as you fill them up.

Bring gaffer tape to mark your shots and keep your wires secured. Have a flashlight and gloves on hand for safety.

Start Your Beginner's Film Kit Today

You should be now on your way to shooting awesome videos with your film kit. So, start gathering your gear, and set up your next shoot!

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