Floor Styles: All You Need to Know About Terrazzo Flooring

June 22, 2021

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There are different floor styles that you can use for your home. One flooring that is very beautiful and practical is terrazzo flooring. Over the years, this floor style has garnered a bit of attention and is readily becoming a better alternative to marble.

Hence, we have decided to share all we can about this flooring to reveal why its popularity has increased in recent times. At the end of this article, you will have enough information about terrazzo style flooring to make a correct decision. Let’s get this show on the road…

What Terrazzo is

Terrazzo is a type of material made from a mixture of materials such as marble chips, granite, glass, quartz, and other similar elements that is used on floors and walls.

It has this luxury vibe and feeling which makes it suitable even for the rich which was not the case in time past. It is very beautiful and thanks to its various design, it can instantly transform the appearance of any room it is installed in. As a result of the above many have preferred it over marble and granite.

Terrazzo History

The history of this material can be traced back to more than 500 years ago. Its invention is said to have occurred in the 15th Century in the city of Venice. Back then, its main components were from a scrap mixture of marble and concrete. As the years went by, other materials like granite, agate, and quartz were used in place of concrete.

Initially, terrazzo was used as a cheaper flooring alternative for those who could not afford the more expensive marble and granite. That is not the case today as the current epoxy-based terrazzo began to rise through the ranks of flooring styles in the 1960s.

With an epoxy base, manufacturers began to experiment with the designs as well as the material composition. This new terrazzo material didn’t require much binder. The evolution of this material saw an increase in its price. Hence, it is no longer regarded as a cheaper alternative but ranks with the more expensive flooring styles.

How is it made

The terrazzo-making process is quite simple. Marble or granite chips are arranged in a pattern of the manufacturer’s choice on a flat surface. After this, concrete is then poured over the surface. It is then smoothened to produce the finished material. This procedure is used by many to design their shelves, bathroom tops, and kitchen tops.

An interesting thing about this flooring material is that it can be easily customized with different colors, shapes, and designs.

Terrazzo Flooring Types

Below are some of the popular types of this flooring style:

1. Epoxy

This type is the most popular. To make this terrazzo design, you will need to place a resin matrix veneer (make sure it is thick) on a flat concrete slab.

This material is very versatile and has a thin-set characteristic. Furthermore, it is very resistant to chemicals; hence, it is perfect for flooring and counters. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyiGBuyXElU to see how epoxy terrazzo flooring is installed.


2. Rustic

This type also has different designs and styles. Its stand-out characteristic is its somewhat rough exterior despite its smooth surface. It is this rough exterior that allows it to offer a solid friction grip to the feet. It also provides it with its rustic feel. Hence, it is best suited for outdoor usage instead of indoors.

3. Sand Cushion

Sand cushion terrazzo is majorly used for floors. Its constituent materials include wire reinforcements or meshes, isolation sheets as well as sand layers. As a result of this composition, it is perfect for logo incorporation as well as other surface design since it doesn’t have any mirroring.

Why is this Flooring Great?

When choosing a floor style, most homeowners are faced with two options: Durability or beauty. While this looks like the option we must choose from, terrazzo offers both on a platter of marble and other mixture.

This flooring style is both beautiful and durable. It is guaranteed to last for years without losing its shine. All you need to do is maintain it by polishing it regularly.

The attractive beauty of this material is one of the reasons it has graced the palace floors of kings and queens throughout the annals of history. Using this floor style in your home can easily transform your home and give it a royal luxurious appeal.

Furthermore, this material is quite versatile which is why it is very popular. It can be used for both floors and walls. It can be installed in your bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. The combination of other materials such as marble, glass, etc. allows it to provide a sparkle that enhances the room.

Another reason why this terrazzo is great is that the maintenance requirement is low. With a bit of polishing, it will shine bright like a diamond (even though diamonds don’t actually shine). Thanks to this characteristic, it is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Hence, you won’t have to struggle so much to get those parts of the home cleaned.

Terrazzo Disadvantages

From all indications, terrazzo flooring is flawless. It is versatile, beautiful, and durable. The only thing that could be deemed an issue is its price.

From humble beginnings, terrazzo has risen to become quite expensive which might deter some folks from going for this amazing floor style.

Despite the expensive price, when you consider the durability, beauty, versatility, and low maintenance characteristic, you’ll agree that it is worth every single penny.


Terrazzo flooring is one of the most popular floor styles and the reasons are not unfounded. With amazing characteristics which include durability, beauty, low maintenance, and versatility, selecting this material over some other floor styles is a no-brainer.

The only thing you’ll have to be concerned about is the price of this material. Nevertheless, if you decide to invest your money in this material, your home will continue to thank you for years to come. Well, for us, that would be a smart decision.



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