Getting Rid of Unwanted Odour

June 27, 2021

You may have spent countless times scrubbing, mopping, or cleaning dirt inside your house. However, you may notice that there's an unwanted stench that doesn't disappear no matter what you do. Unfortunately, as long as you live, play, relax, work, or cook inside your home, you have to deal with these odours if you don't take measures to remove them.

There are tips to banish these questionable and funky smells inside your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. Others use odour neutralisers that have lemon or cherry fragrance to extinguish the stench once and for all. Some have potent blends of perfumes, essential oils, and emulsifiers, so these are something that you may want to check out. Finally, some homeowners directly remove the root cause of these smells and here are tips on how to do these.

How to Get a Fresh Scent in the Kitchen

Trash Cans

Sometimes, it's not the trash that smells foul but the can itself. You may want to wash it a few times a week after removing the trash bag and sprinkle it with baking soda afterwards. Add deodorising pods or packs under the liners, or they can be attached to the lid. Others prefer a disinfectant spray that has a lavender scent to remove viruses and bacteria. Also, it's essential to get rid of your trash daily to avoid flies and other pests inside the house.


There's always the aroma of steak and soup that are cooked at dinner. However, when you find your fridge with different food from the other nights, know that the odours are getting absorb inside as well. The solution is to clean everything after thawing the ice inside the freezer. For example, put baking soda with its lid open inside the freezer to absorb some odours.

Other tips include wrapping cheese and other pungent foods twice. Ensure that the leftovers are saved inside the containers with lids.


You may not notice it, but it may have been three weeks or a month after the last cleaning of your dishwasher. To help you with this, dishwasher cleaning tablets can be beneficial, especially if you don't frequently run this appliance. If the entire family relies on the dishwasher daily, it's always helpful to rinse the plates before placing them, so you don't have to deal with smelly and sticky foods inside.

Microwave Ovens

Everyone relies on their microwave ovens today, including cooking leftovers and soups. This means that a thousand smells are circulating inside the small and confined area. Fortunately, you can get rid of the nasty smells by boiling several lemon slices in a quart of water. Use a cloth to dip into the solution, then wipe this inside your microwave. Make sure to remove food bits and air out your appliance.

Bath Odours


It would be best if you cleaned the toilet bowl with a cleaner before the dirt is visible. Then, combat the stains and smells for a week with the right solutions. After you clean everything thoroughly, pour a half cup of bleach in the water. If your primary concern is still the smell, put some air freshener with lemon, so it's always fresh when somebody has to use it.

Bedroom Odours


You may notice a musty smell coming from your mattresses since it's been years when you cleaned them. Give them a sprinkling of bed soda to refresh it and let it sit. Afterwards, vacuum all the powder up. Get sprays that will remove germs and viruses since you can't usually launder them. Read more about deodorizing a room on this site here.


Closets are often a breeding ground of bacteria especially if it usually traps moisture inside it. Some of the things that you can use include dehumidifiers that will be able to absorb moisture around. You can prevent the smells when you ensure that all the clothes are dry before they go in and avoid damp in the first place.

Getting Rid of Odours inside the Living Room


Unlike tiles and hardwood flooring, the thick and plush carpets can harbour dirt, dust, bacteria, and mould, and they absorb various smells that are incomparable to others. Nevertheless, you can sprinkle it with the most trusted home remedy of baking soda and let this sit for a while (watch movies or read a book on the couch) and vacuum it thoroughly.

Pet Beds

For smelly pet beds, the same remedy applies, which is baking soda. Let the powder sit for a while, then vacuum. If you found out that this trick is ineffective, use a more highly concentrated neutraliser to control the unwanted scent. Some even get a blend of vanilla and other essential oils to mask the scent.

Other Things to Know

Sometimes, your home starts to smell similar to that of a dirty dog – and you don't have pets – and this means uninvited guests in the basements or attics. In addition, raccoons, rats, squirrels, or mice may have left smelly droppings that contain parasites. Others are getting foul odours of something that's diseased in their chimneys or walls, so it's best to call a pest expert in these situations.

Lingering Odours

Regardless of what's causing the odour, it's essential to take the necessary steps to freshen up the house once and for all. If there are volatile organic compounds or moulds in the air, this can compromise the family's entire health.

Other smells like deceased animals or rodent droppings may need professional help to ensure that the area in the house is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. In different situations, you can handle these on your own through bleach and other products. If you're unsure, you can ask an expert to prevent getting the solutions with harmful VOCs. Other home remedies include warmed vinegar mixed with water to remove the stains on the wall.

Increase ventilation inside the house and add air purifiers whenever possible. Unwanted odours can be problematic and even annoying, but don't let them take over your home. Eliminate the source as soon as possible and get biodegradable deodoriser for long-lasting fresh scents.


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