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Homebuyer Tips: Moving During Uncertain Times

There are times in our lives that moving out to a new home is necessary regardless of the financial and current global situation that we are facing in. Some people have to move to a home because they longer feel safe. Some have to let go of their old home because they could no longer afford to keep it along with paying all the utilities.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many plans to come to a halt, especially when it comes to real estate. However, some have to take the risk because they could no longer wait since it is still unclear when the global health crisis will be over.

Since we understand how important it is to move out of your home to a new one, here are some useful tips to help you move in these uncertain times.

Don’t Rush

First thing’s first. Do not rush the move. We understand how much you wanted to move out of your place, but you must understand that moving out takes a lot of planning. List down all the things that you need to do first in relation to the move. Take it step by step. The important thing is that you move out safe. As much as possible, don’t stress yourself on it.

Only Take What You Need

Due to the pandemic, it might be very difficult to find a mover to help you bring all your stuff to your new home. If you have your own vehicle and your move is immediate, only bring important things with you and leave the heavy and big house items behind. Kitchen utensils, glassware, and important documents are some things that you can bring with you to your new home. Heavy furniture like your sofa and dining set is too much to bring along when it comes to an immediate move.

Check The Health Situation Of The New Place You’re Moving

Before you schedule your immediate move, as much as possible, check the health situation of the place that you’re moving to. If the COVID-19 cases are still increasing during the month of your planned move, then you have to wait until the cases go down. Considering that various Coronavirus vaccines are now rolling out worldwide, cases in the state you’re moving in may have decreased already. But it’s best to double-check.

Sell The Stuff You Can’t Bring

For those items that you can’t bring to your new home, you may consider selling them as a way to gather funds and start fresh. You can organize a garage sale a few days to a week before your move, so at least you have some money to bring with you when you finally move.

Have At Least A Potential Buyer Of Your Old House

If your old house is still under your name, you may have the option to either put the house for rent or for sale. Contact a reliable real estate agent or at least a trusted guardian to help you find potential buyers of your old home as well as help you process all the paperwork while you prioritize your move. If ever you need assistance with buying and selling your home, reach out to 8 Day Home Sale.

Get Yourself Tested

If your move is a few days from now, we recommend that you get yourself tested for COVID-19. A more thorough medical check-up is also recommended before you make the move. If you have a family, each of them should get themselves checked as well.

Check Travel and Health Requirements Of Your New Location

Some states and cities have specific requirements, especially those who came from other states. Your responsibility is to research the needed travel requirements and find out about their health protocols before you set foot into the new location.

Secure All Important Documents

Since you are moving to a new location, you have to make sure that you have all your important documents with you. Your birth certificate, passport, cards, and so on. You must all keep the documents and contracts related to your old and new house as well.

Update Your Contact Information

Since you’re moving to a new place, you have to make sure that key people would be updated about your new place just in case there is a need to reach out to you in the future. As much as possible, do this before your move at least a few weeks before. Inform your community and update the address of your paperwork to avoid any complications once you have finally moved in.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Now Ideal To Move In

Before you move into your new home, you have to make sure that the place is good enough to live in and there’s not much effort that you can do anymore except for cleaning and arranging stuff together.

We hope this kind helps you, and we wish you a safe move!


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