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How Much Does a Plasterer Cost?

Plaster is a building material you can use for layering, decorating, and protecting internal ceilings and walls. Appealing ornamentations are done with plaster on the exterior or interior wall structures. You can also use it for creating architectural moldings, such as cornices, corbels, and ceiling roses.

What Are the Types of Plasters?

There is a variety of plaster available in the market that you can choose from. The common types of plaster are lime, gypsum, and cement with sand and water. Continue reading to know more about them.

Cement Plaster

Cement plaster is a blend of sand, water, and cement. You can apply it to masonry interiors and exteriors. While it can achieve a smooth surface, interiors will sometimes require an extra finishing layer of gypsum plaster. Cement plaster offers more excellent moisture resistance than gypsum plaster.

Clay Plaster

Clay plaster is a more sustainable alternative to modern plasters. It is made accessible with fiber additives for increasing its durability. Also, you can choose your favorite color as it comes in a range of natural colors. It is breathable and does not need paint.

Lime Plaster

Lime plaster is made from a combination of calcium hydroxide and sand. The plaster sets when it comes in contact with carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, transforming the calcium hydroxide into calcium carbonate. It is usually more flexible and breathable than cement or gypsum plasters.

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster, or you may have also known it as the plaster of Paris, is the most common type of plaster for interior walls. It is created by heating gypsum to around 150 degrees. When you mix it with water, the dry plaster powder reforms into gypsum. Unmodified plaster begins to set about 10 minutes after mixing, but it won’t be fully set until 72 hours have passed. Gypsum plaster has good fire-resistant qualities.

For all the above types of plasters to be applied in a wall, ceiling or any other parts of any construction project, you need professional help. Only a skilled plasterer can do the job right!

How Much Does a Plasterer Cost?

The plasterer is a skilled craftsman that will spread the plastering material over a substrate, producing a finish as per your requirements. He usually projects the plasters onto the walls with the help of sprays and pumps and it is done in three layers. It starts from a starch coat that balances out suction, a second layer to give an even surface, and finally a finishing coat for a smooth finish.

The charges of plasterer depend on various factors, for example:

  • What materials are needed?
  • How long will it take?
  • How urgent is it?

The plastering cost depends on the wall’s size, the approachability of the location, and the condition of the existing plaster. A simple and fresh wall in good condition will be cheaper to be plastered than several rooms with old plasterwork.

The final price for any plastering job is virtually impossible to be decided until an authorized tradesperson has visited the site and properly sized up the job.


The plaster is usually manufactured as a dry powder, and you can form a stiff paste by mixing it in water before using it. It is the plasterer who will only be able to understand every detail about the plastering work starting from making the plaster to applying it uniformly. Click on this website to hire an expert plasterer and achieve lump less plastering.

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