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How timber garages made of sustainable wood are good for business and the environment



You may not equate the humble timber garage as something that helps the environment, but by opting for one of Passmores’ range of sustainably-made timber garages, you are doing precisely that.

Passmores is a 100-year-old British family firm that manufactures timber garages from a workshop in Kent, in the UK. Much of our wooden garage, sports pavilion and garden building range is made from timber that is sourced via an eco-friendly forestry management programme known as the Forest Stewardship Council ® Chain of Custody Scheme (FSC) certification scheme.

This means the wood we buy for our sustainable timber garages can be traced back to forests in Sweden which are managed in an environmentally conscious way.

Timber garages and FSC Chain of Custody certification

In FSC forests, two new trees are planted for every one that is chopped down for its timber. Responsible harvesting this way means the forest is never depleted. Forests are incredibly important in helping cut carbon in the environment and have a big impact on cleaner air quality. For every tonne of carbon (CO2) that a tree absorbs from the atmosphere, it produces nearly three-quarters of a tonne of oxygen.


As the climate crisis shows no signs of reversing any time soon, our FSC Chain of Custody certification is more important than ever to our business. Timber garage manufacturers who don’t have FSC certification cannot guarantee that the timber used in their garages comes from sustainable sources.

FSC certification is recognised around the world and is also a trademark that’s endorsed by the main environmental charities like WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Woodland Trust.

Timber garages: sophisticated simplicity in your outdoor space

Passmores was the first company in the UK’s timber garage sector to go down the road of using sustainable timber in our products. Furthermore, we are still one of only a handful of timber garage manufacturers to have achieved FSC Chain of Custody certification, an achievement of which we are very proud.


For is, it simply makes good business sense. As well as buying a great looking timber garage to add a touch of sophistication to the outside space, our customers feel good knowing their timber garage choice has also helped improve the planet in some way.

We attach our FSC® certification to all our sustainably made products for ease of checking

while people browse our full range ahead of their timber garage purchase.

Keeping the environment in mind throughout

We recognise we have a duty to minimise our impact on the environment during the manufacturing process and as a result, we always strive to find new ways of cutting our carbon footprint, reducing waste and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.

Passmores’ modern fleet of delivery vehicles meet the exacting Euro Five or Six Emissions Standard. Our trucks are fitted with speed limiters that reduce fuel use and emissions and delivery staff are trained to drive carefully and responsibility.

As well as this, our use of plastic packaging of timber garages components is kept to a minimum and left over wood waste is turned into energy to heat our factories.

At all times, we endeavour to ensure that the green credentials inherent in our sustainable timber garage range are reflected throughout our organisation.




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