How to Afford Travelling as a Student

June 21, 2021

It’s hard to find a person who isn’t fond of traveling. And it’s no wonder that traveling is especially popular among young people; because youth is the time when you are active and strong and have a mind open for new experiences. But people travel not only to see exotic places. While traveling you can also practice foreign languages and get an idea of the world’s variety. Travelling can also help professional development. But tuition fees, the general cost of living away from home while studying at a college leave an average student very little money for traveling. Still, any college student can afford to globetrot. You can take part in exchange programs and study for a year at one of the foreign universities; you can do volunteering,pay for homework or find an internship somewhere abroad. But such opportunities aren’t “pure” traveling, as they are about studying and working. Besides, it usually takes quite a long time away from your college and country. Is it possible for a college student to visit famous tourist attractions worldwide having a low budget? Seems it’s impossible, as everybody knows how expensive such cities as Paris, London or Barcelona are. Still, there are a lot of life hacks that help you to travel having a very low budget.

    1. Plan your journey for a low season. Then prices for accommodation and excursions are significantly lower. Moreover, you will have the advantage of enjoying Amsterdam’s winter charm, for example, without crowds of tourists who invade the city in summer and spring.
    2. Travel with a friend. Firstly, it’s fun, secondly, it’s safer, and thirdly, you can share costs for accommodation and even meals.
    3. Traveling in the low season will also help you to save money on flights or trains as then the tickets are usually cheaper. Besides, you need to research to find companies giving special student discounts. Also, consider flying with low costs companies. And don’t forget to pack wisely. On the one hand, it’s important to have everything necessary for the journey. On the other hand, it’s better not to have a check-in bag as they are usually charged.
    4. Use local public transport and metro to go around. It’s much cheaper than using a taxi. In some places, it will be cheaper and more comfortable to rent a bicycle, an electric scooter, or a gyro scooter for getting around. This way you can get quickly and easily wherever you want around the city. Plan the way of getting from the airport to the city center, as taxis at airports can be overpriced. Use public transport or order a taxi beforehand.
    5. Forget about eating out while traveling. Food from the local supermarket is much cheaper. Besides, if you are traveling to an exotic country, eating this way will help you to avoid the risk of getting infected.
    6. You can also save quite a lot on your accommodation. Use various social networks, make new friends and stay at their places for free. Another great possibility is to find a hostel. Many of them are clean, safe and offer very reasonable prices. Besides, hostels usually have kitchens where you can cook and save on meals. Just don’t forget to book your room or bed in advance. If you travel in the low season you can even afford to stay at a hotel as they usually offer big discounts then.
    7. Going on excursions as well as visiting museums and exhibitions can be very expensive. But you can afford this by having a low budget. Many museums have free days or hours. In many places there are special tourist cards which offer discounts on excursions, visiting museums and even on public transport.
    8. Use tourist information centers that are opened in most famous tourist destinations to get free maps, tourist cards as well as information about free days at museums or free excursions.

These pieces of advice can be handy not only for a college student but for everybody who wants to travel on having low budget. So, use blogger Tim Todd’s piece of advice and buy thesis paper to have time for planning your journey. Then, do thorough research for cheaper or free possibilities, book your flight and a hostel and enjoy seeing the modern wonders of the world.


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