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How To Choose The Best Custom Home Builder

You’ve pinned countless ideas for your dream home, picked out the perfect area, and added furniture to your wishlist – but now it’s time to ask the question of, “How do I choose the best custom home builder?”. No matter if you’re in the earlier or later stages of your custom home research journey, it’s crucial to consider who will build your dream home.

In this blog, we aim to make this decision a little easier for you. By making a well-informed choice, you will avoid those hard-to-hear construction disaster stories. A skilled home builder will partner with you during the process and create a high-quality home with an all together smooth experience.

At what stage should I choose my builder?

You’ve got your vision down, but now you’re wondering when it’s time to seek out and hire a builder to bring it to life. The best time to consult with a builder is before you bring on an architect for the design stage, or right after. By bringing on a custom home builder in the early design stages, you’ll ensure that your home’s design and your desired budget will stay in alignment throughout the process.

When searching for a home builder during this stage, there are a few things you should look out for:

• Willingness to collaborate effectively with your architect

• Desire to keep the project on schedule

• Providing valuable insight based on experience

• Offering cost-saving options that won’t affect the quality of your home

• Producing an initial estimate based on the preliminary design

These are all great signs that your home builder knows what they’re doing, which leads us to the next commonly heard question when it’s time to hire a builder.

How should I begin my search?

Start your search by asking your family, friends, neighbors, or others that you trust for their experience with home builders. You’ll be able to hear both the positive and negative experiences about home builders in your area that can help you narrow your search. A list of builders to avoid is just as valuable as a list to further research.

When searching for a home builder, it is wise to consider not only their years of experience, but also if they are licensed and certified within your state. If your builder does not hold a license or certification, it can lead to mistakes or occurrences that can be costly.

Consult with your top choices

Once you’ve completed your research and contacted the builders that you are interested in, it’s time for a consultation. The consultation stage is typically for both parties – to make sure that the builder can take on your project and for you to decide if the builder is the right fit to build your dream home. While this is the most time consuming stage, it is one that you should not skip.

There are three types of meetings that are recommended to have with your builder:

• A face-to-face meeting to discuss the project

• A request to visit a completed project to assess their work

• A request to visit a current job site

A face-to-face meeting with your builder will give you a chance to determine the communication style and personality of both the builder and their team, as well as discuss the systems and process of their projects. This will bring transparency about how you can expect your home building journey to go, and if you want to endure it with that specific team.

Next, you should request to visit a completed project and a current job site. If your request is granted, you can carefully assess the quality of their work, including the construction and finishes of the home, jobsite cleanliness, safety measures, and just how hands-on the builder is with their team.

Building your dream home is an exciting and monumental moment in your life, so it is crucial that you hire the right team and the best builder for your project.


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