How To Make Your Garden More Tropical

June 30, 2021

Think you can’t have a tropical garden? Think again! Here’s how to get those hot and humid vibes right in your own backyard.

The indoor plant trend is having a tropical moment, with beautiful dwarf banana trees, parlour palms and monsteras dominating the scene. If you love that look, you might wish you could have that kind of vibe in your garden. The UK though, doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of environment that would be a great place for a lot of tropical plants, does it? Lots of rain, wind and even snow - there’s a reason we don’t holiday in the UK if we want warmth and a tan!

The great news is that you can make your garden tropical in the UK. You can have an exotic looking outdoor space if you want it. Here’s how:

Introduce The Right Plants

For a Jurassic Park look to your garden, consider loading up on big ferns. They look phenomenal and work really well in parts of the garden where they can go a little wild.

In your front garden, consider Agave Americana, a huge succulent that loves the sun. Have room for a tree? Consider a palm tree in the front garden but be aware of the size it gets to eventually.

In the back garden, Gunnera work really well by ponds or in boggy areas with their huge leaves. Canna lilies, hibiscus and banana plants are also great additions.

Do keep in mind that some tropical garden plants require special care and overwintering especially if you live in northerly parts of the UK or near the sea. Check their maintenance needs before introducing them to your garden to check you can keep them in good shape.

Tropical Prints

Another option is to dust off grannie’s cane furniture from your self storage unit and reupholster the cushions in a tropical print – this will bring your garden right up to date. If you want it to cost you next to nothing, try buying T-shirt’s from a charity shop with a print you like and turning them into cushion covers. Your garden is a place where you can experiment with colours and prints that you wouldn’t necessarily incorporate inside your house.

Incorporate Water Features

Think tropical waterfalls, water cascading down leafy verges, babbling brooks being enjoyed by jungle beasts and take that as inspiration. The sound of water moving is relaxing anyway, but amongst tropical plants in your garden it will be heavenly.

Keep It Functional

You want a tropical garden, not a messy jungle, so do take care to keep your design functional. Have a good clear out, and consider placing anything bulky or that you don’t need very often into cheap self storage. When planting your garden, consider climate, soil type and access to ensure that you create a space that both looks beautiful, and works well as a usable space.

Visit A UK Tropical Garden

One great thing you can do when you want your own tropical garden is to visit established tropical gardens in the UK. This can help you gain an insight into plants and layouts that could work in your outdoor space.

Create Your Own Tropical Paradise Today

If you fancy a taste of the exotic in your garden, start today! There’s no time like the present to bring some warmth, visual interest and beauty to your outdoor space.


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