Inspire Productivity: 7 Ways to Design Your Home Office

June 23, 2021


Not every work-from-employee has the privilege to have a separate room where they can work in peace. Hence, you should do your best to make the most out of your dedicated space if you want to be productive.

One way to do that is to design your home office to be conducive to work. If you are not sure how to make it happen, here are seven tips you might want to try:

1. Let the light in

You have to be more deliberate with the choices you make for lighting fixtures inside your home office.

How the lighting behaves in any room can affect the atmosphere and your feeling when you're inside that room. That's why when you're designing your home office, you have to also make sure to pay special attention to your lighting.

You're probably going to do many video calls while in your home office, so you have to consider what lighting you install. It should be bright enough that you are not working in the dark, but not too bright that it can strain your eyes.

Ideally, you want to incorporate as much natural light as possible, so windows are a plus.

2. Pick the right color

Aside from lighting, color can also affect how you feel when you're inside your home office. The goal of your home office all the time would be to make you more productive and motivated.

When you're choosing a color scheme, make sure to keep the color theory in mind. Pick colors that can inspire productivity but are not distracting.

Different shades of blue are a popular choice for inspiring productivity and even attention and focus. That's why many social media apps use the color blue.

A warm shade of white is also a great choice of color to incorporate in your home office because it's warm, open, and welcoming.

3. Higher ceilings

If your home office is in another room, consider yourself lucky because you have more options to modify it for your needs.

We previously talked about the importance of lighting. That said, you might want to consider higher ceilings if you have a separate room for your home office.

Higher ceilings make the room feel much more open, no matter how small it is.

On that ceiling, you can also install a skylight or higher windows so that you get more natural air into the home office. At the same time, you get more natural light in the home office as well.

4. Add indoor plants

No matter what design theme or aesthetic you choose for your home office, it will surely benefit from the addition of more indoor plants.

There has been a current trend of people getting more plants into their homes and for a good reason. Not only do indoor plants look good, but they also help make the air cleaner inside whatever room they are in.

Of course, you can't add indoor plants into your home if you aren't confident with your abilities to take care of them. Having dead plants around your home office is not going to help you be productive and motivated.

If anything, it might remind you of your lapses which is not good, so make sure that you take care of your indoor plants if you plan on having them.

5. Purchase the right furniture

When it comes to office furniture, you shouldn't compromise on the quality. After all, you'll be using them for hours a day.

When we say "high-quality office furniture," we mean something comfortable and ergonomic. Otherwise, you'll end up with sore shoulders and backache.

Sure, they won't come cheap. However, consider this as an investment. That's because you will need to find something that you can use for years.

When you have the right office furniture, you can be working comfortably. Plus, there are now office furniture pieces that are ergonomic and aesthetic. Thus, you can find one that can fit your decor and design.

6. Organize your workspace

You need to have some direction or plan to go into the decoration and design of your home office. If you're adding decor around the office, it's going to look cluttered and disorganized.

Although some people say they work well in organized chaos, it's best that you operate based on an organization from the start. Therefore, before you even begin to buy decorations for your home office, why not consider how you usually move and use the office first? That way, your decoration makes sense for how you use it on a day-to-day basis and not only on aesthetics alone.

After all, you don't want your ornaments to be in your way when you're trying to be productive.

7. Maintain cleanliness

No interior design can ever shine if your home office is a mess. That's why at Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Companies NYC, we always remind clients to maintain their workspace's cleanliness.

Adding more design elements and decor in a messy and dirty place will make it feel more cluttered. It is like the walls are closing in on you because of the many items in it. Plus, it can distract you from work.

This is why you should clean your home office space before you design and decorate it. That way, you have an idea of what kind of space you will be working on. Otherwise, you might end up with mismatched items.

In addition, keeping your workplace clean shows how much you care for your work and belongings. Sure, your client may not see what you are wearing while working. But your professionalism is also reflected in your reliability and attentiveness.


Designing your home office should be more than just aesthetics. It is vital that you also consider your comfort and how it can impact your productivity.

After all, working for hours is not always an easy feat.

With the design tips listed above, you can balance both design and comfortability in the home office. If you're planning on designing your home office, try and remember these seven tips.

That way, your home office can help inspire productivity and motivate you for a longer time.



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