Moving 101: How Much Does It Cost to Have Movers Move You?

June 30, 2021


Hiring movers can cost you up to $1,500 for a local move. For long-distance moves, the price will increase. However, there are many factors that are involved in the total cost of hiring movers.

There isn't one set price that all movers charge for a move no matter the circumstances. Local movers will have their own set prices and will charge based on a variety of factors. How can you estimate the cost of your move?

The guide below highlights some key factors that movers will take into consideration when determining the price. Continue reading below to learn more.

Local Moving

If your move is a local move, then you should be able to find local movers that'll charge anywhere between $50-250 an hour. Local movers, like This Side Up Moving, may charge by the hour but will also charge depending on how many people are needed to complete the job.

To get an idea of how many movers will be needed and how long it should take, an average studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment will generally require two movers and will take no more than 3 hours. Also, keep in mind this will depend on how much stuff is inside the home.

The Size of the Home

The size of your home plays a big role in how much you'll be charged for the move. A local move for a 5 bedroom or more home can cost you an average of $2,500. You will need to keep the number of rooms, size of the home, and amount of personal belongings in mind when considering the price.

These are all factors to speak with your movers about when requesting an estimate.

Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance movers will typically charge by how much your items weigh. The size and amount of items in the home will determine the total cost. The distance the movers must travel to move your personal belongings will also play a role in how much the move will cost.

For a one-bedroom apartment moving more than 1,000 miles, it may cost you anywhere between $1,400-2,9000. Remember, all movers charge different rates, so getting an estimate beforehand is always best.

Additional Moving Costs and Fees

There could be additional moving costs and fees depending on the type of items you're moving if there are stairs if a mover needs to pack and unpack, and more. For this reason, it's best to know exactly what type of moving services you need.

Then, contact your mover and ask if they offer these services and at what additional cost.

Are You Ready to Hire Movers?

After reading through this guide, we hope you're now ready to hire movers! Now that you have some general information about how much your move may cost, you can now decide if hiring movers is the right move for you. Remember, you can always contact moving companies and ask for estimates as well.

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