Planning To Renovate Or Update Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Ideas To Consider

June 17, 2021

Around 37% of respondents too a recent survey said that wanting to renovate and having the funds to do so are major triggers in their kitchen renovation. Another motivation to update a kitchen is that owners can no longer stand their cooking areas, while 31% want to personalize a newly bought house. Whatever reasons you have for renovating your kitchen, whether it has deteriorated or broken down, or you simply want a facelift, here are recent kitchen design trends that you might want to consider for your next remodel or renovation project.

Camouflaged Kitchens

Not all kitchens are roomy, making it difficult to keep the area neat and clutter-free. Hence, by hiding the kitchen, you maximize the available space while giving the impression of a generous area. To do this, designers fuse cooking, dining and socializing in one big room, while the kitchen is tucked tastefully at one end. This open space is flexible, allowing the transition from a kitchen to a dining area and then into a lounge to be seamless and natural. The cooking area is well hidden, flanked by door panels that serve as decorative wall finishings.

If a hidden kitchen is not to your liking, you can still achieve a neat look by putting away your appliances and gadgets. However, it is equally important to clean your machines regularly in order to prolong their life and ensure that they work properly. Putting them out of sight does not mean that you forego cleaning and whatever repairs need to be done in order to keep them functioning optimally. To keep a clutter-free kitchen, clad shelves with doors that match your cabinetry. Fridges and dishwashers are examples of machines that will blend well with your cupboard and stay out of sight. Put sliding or overhead doors to camouflage a microwave, toaster, kettle, or a coffee machine. Organizers in drawers will also help in arranging smaller kitchen gadgets and accessories.

Marble And Wood Finishes

Using marble for your kitchen island, sink or countertops is a good investment. Marble is making a strong comeback, and is synonymous with luxury. It's a durable and potentially sustainable material that will remain a classic, thanks to its elegant characteristics. Marble also blends well when used with other materials such as wood and metal.

Another great finishing material for your kitchen is the timeless wood. Although it was out of fashion for some time, wood is also enjoying a revival. Pick a wooden ash color, and combine it with manmade stone for a warm look. Whether you have open shelves to showcase your home ware or closed cabinets, stained or painted wood is trendy. Natural, grainy wood is just as pretty, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Renovating or updating a kitchen is a major project on the wish list of many homeowners. Concealed kitchens and the use of natural materials such as wood and marble are popular ways to revamp a tired kitchen, maximize existing space, and create the perfect place to cook, dine, and hang out.

Sell the old kitchen appliances
When renovating your kitchen or rebuilding a new one, you can always sell your kitchen
appliances. Look for a website dedicated to buying and selling ex display kitchens at
discounted prices and you will get a good idea of how it actually works. This will
actually help you to save/earn some money.

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