Second Hand Commercial Display Fridge Buyers Guide

June 8, 2021

Second Hand Commercial Display Fridge

Efficient and reliable commercial fridges are crucial for catering businesses; thus, you've got to be careful when choosing a refrigeration option to keep the food delicious, fresh, and enticing. That's why you need a display fridge. Display fridges are manufactured specially to showcase food and other related products in an eye-catching way. Sometimes buying a second hand commercial display fridge is the best option. Also, you can prefer commercial undercounter fridges that look very luxurious in your home

Second Hand Commercial Display Fridges

Sometimes called Glass Door Display Fridges, you can find these fridges in bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. Regardless of where you intend to use it, display fridges have many benefits. But before we walk you through this simple buying guide for buying a second hand commercial display fridge, you'll need to understand display refrigeration.

What's Display Refrigeration?

When you visit a bakery or convenience store, you'll see a refrigerator with a clear display of content inside; that's a display fridge. Display refrigeration is an equipment that preserves and holds visible products at low temperatures. If you're a restaurant owner, consider utilizing the glass door to advertise your products.

Display fridges are ideal for storing fresh food items or chilled drinks while also attracting the customer's attention to boost sales. Customers can always browse through what's available and choose at their leisure when you utilize glass door refrigeration.

What to Look Out for in a Second Hand Commercial Display Refrigerator

Buying a new commercial display refrigerator is expensive, and most people can't afford it, so they opt for second-hand fridges. If you're considering buying a second-hand commercial display fridge, look out for the following and ensure they're working.


You can discover the fridge's capacity by checking the internal and external dimensions. Units with the same internal width might not have the exact external measurement. Also, check the unit's capacity, seeing as they represent how much the fridge can store.

More so, the width will enable you to determine where to place the fridge.


The shelves are where you place the fridge's content. Before paying for any used commercial freezer for sale near me, check that you can adjust the racks. While some shelves can be adjusted by removing and reinserting them to your desired height, others are adjusted through a lever.

Some display fridges come with glass shelves with lips around the edges to prevent liquids from running down the lower shelves. Others come with wire shelves for holding food item pans.


Consider checking the second-hand commercial display fridge insulation, seeing as it's vital in keeping the refrigerator energy-efficient. Check that the insulation is sprayed throughout the cabinet and that it's at least two inches of foamed-in insulation. Foamed-in insulation is better than blocks of foam inserted between the exterior and interior panels.

Digital Thermostats

One prominent feature to check before paying for that commercial fridge in Perth is the digital thermostat which helps you manually set the fridge's temperature. That way, your products will be kept at optimal temperatures.

Some units can be connected to your computer or phone, so you can monitor your fridge's temperature even when you're not in that room.


Some fridges develop frost over an extended period which drastically shortens their lifespan and compromises their performance. Check for an automatic or manual defrost system to ensure your fridge lasts longer.


Ensure that any second-hand commercial fridge you buy has interior lighting to make searching for items more effortless for you. If possible, search for new models with LED lighting. LED lights are energy-efficient and bright. Most importantly, they don't get hot like fluorescent lighting.

Door Alarm

New display fridge models have a high-tech door alarm system. If the sensor discovers that the door is open for an extended period, it sounds like an alarm so you can quickly lock it and conserve the temperature.

The Bottomline on Second Hand Commercial Display Fridges

A Display fridge is a primary necessity in the food business because it attracts customers and gives them the freedom to choose at their leisure. However, besides the food industry, other merchandizers can find display fridges valuable.

If you find the new fridges expensive, consider going for a fairly used freezer for commercial use. Contact Cold Solutions for the best ones if you're in Australia. Remember, you don't have to break the bank to get one.


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