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Sectionals: The Benefits of Sectional Sofas as Living Room Furniture

Sectional sofas are often used in bedrooms and home offices, since it gives you flexible seating arrangements in a small space. However, they are also a popular choice for living rooms in place of the standard sofa. But why do people choose to get sectional sofas? Here are some of the benefits of sectional sofas as living room furniture.


A sectional sofa set is typically cheaper than the price of a conventional sofa plus one to three chairs, though it can replace all of the above. A sectional sofa may be a better deal than an “apartment sized” sofa, too. Those sofas are four to twenty-four inches shorter than a standard sofa, but they’ll charge you roughly as much as the conventional sofa.


Sectional sofas are versatile. You could line the pieces up to create a single long seat. Or you may be able to separate the pieces into two or three separate seats. Now you have a conversational grouping of chairs, and you don’t have to break out folding chairs to get it. In some cases, you could combine the divan or long couch with a footrest to get something long enough for someone to sleep on. That is aside from the fact that some sectional sofas have built-in beds or full recliners.


A side benefit of using sectional sofas is that the average homeowner can move each piece individually, whereas a single person may not be able to move a couch on their own. And if you want to move the chair or footrest, it isn’t going to strain your back because it is made to be pushed around. If someone needs more space to themselves, they can move the single seat another few inches back, too. That may not be possible with your name brand recliner.

The Visual Impact

Sectional sofas are modern, modular furniture. That alone makes it a great choice in a modern apartment, whether or not you want to have a minimalist aesthetic. Furthermore, you maintain the same aesthetic when you break up the sofa into conversational groupings or just two separate pieces for people who don’t want to sit side by side. Everything is the same color, texture and pattern.

The Space Savings

Because sectional sofas are made to be reconfigured, they have minimal armrests if the section has one at all. This results in increased seating for guests relative to traditional sofas of the same size. This means you may be able to comfortably seat for in a row where you could only fit three on an 84” sofa with wide arms.

The Increased Comfort Level

Sectional sofas are made to serve as sofas. Every piece is equally comfortable. This means that guests will be just as comfortable sitting on the footrest as they would the divan. And they’ll certainly be more comfortable sitting on metal folding chairs or a wood table that might or might not support them. A side benefit is avoiding fights over who gets a “real” chair.


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