Signs Your House Has Big Problems

June 14, 2021

Many people are not aware of the big problems that their house is causing. You may see signs like leaks, cracks in your walls or ceiling, and even mould growing on your ceilings when you turn on the lights at night. These are all things that can be fixed with a little bit of knowledge and some time. In this post, we will discuss 11 signs that your house has big problems!

Doors Won't Close

Won't the door close properly? That can be a sign of something being off or out-of-balance. Like most things in your house, doors are designed to work together and closing the doors is no exception. The hinges on both sides should have an equal amount of pressure applied so that they will swing open with minimal effort, so the first thing you check has the door swelled or dropped. If it has not, then this could be signs of more structural damage.

The Floor Is Sloping

If you find your floor is not even, this could be signs of a severe issue that needs attention, but there are many other causes for an unstable surface. An uneven floor can be caused by anything from settlement to moisture seeping up through the cracks in the concrete or due to under-floor heating systems. The problem with these issues is they all require professional help to fix them, and if left untreated, they will worsen over time. If this is the case, you will potentially need some structural repairs. Speaking to a local expert who does structural repairs in Kent, they have said this issue is usually ignored for too long; because of this, a minor fix now becomes a significant issue and, inv turn, more expensive. So if you see this fault, get it looked at by an expert ASAP.

The Lights Are Flickering

If you see that your house lights are flickering or the bulb is flickering and turning off, this can be a sign that your house has big problems. This problem could happen due to something as simple as an electrical issue with the power supply itself, which would mean you need professional help from someone who does electricity repair in Kent.

For any of these signs, it's always best to get them checked out by a professional to make sure they're not serious issues that have gone untreated for too long. If left unchecked, minor faults will only worsen over time, meaning more expensive fixes later down the line, so don't delay if you suspect anything!

The Washing Machine Hose Is start to Bulge

A hose that starts to bulge or flex could signify more significant problems with the machine. It is time for some maintenance (or an outright replacement) if you see this happening, so don't forget about it and ignore it because otherwise, it will only get worse over time.

If your washer's been running fine then it suddenly breaks down without any warning signs like loud noises coming from the pump motor; make sure you replace the rubber seal on top, which has become worn out after several cycles, as well as check all other seals throughout the machine while you're at it too.

Heavy White Residue on a Bricks on your Chimney

This might be a sign of problems with the chimneys, and it can cause leaks. It's best to get this checked out ASAP.

If you see any signs like these, make sure you're prepared for them before they happen by having an inspection done on your house from time to time too. Remember that prevention is critical when trying to avoid significant issues!

Drainage Around the House is slow

If the drainage is slow and your house has a high water table, this can mean there are gaps in your sewer lines. This should be fixed ASAP, or you risk having leaks later on down the line.

Peeling Wall Paint

If your paint is peeling off, it could mean that there are issues with the surface beneath. For example, if the wall behind the panelling isn't drywall or plasterboard, this can be a problem, or worst could be early signs of DAMP.

As for signs of damp? There's an app for that! Grab yourself a moisture meter from Home Depot (or something similar) and make sure your home isn't constantly getting wet before it turns.

To avoid big headaches and save money in repair costs later down the line (because let's face it- they all cost a lot), make sure you're doing regular inspections on your houses.

Windows keep getting Stuck

If you are getting signs, your window keeps getting stuck, which is a potential sign you have issues with your walls. This is because the window stops and starts in response to the wall.

It's also a sign that your windows might be too old or worn out, but it could simply mean that there are issues with parts of your house, like brickwork which affect how they slide up and down.

Did you know that on average homeowner spends more than $35,000 in repairs over their lifetime? The best ways to avoid this is by being proactive and taking care of your home. If you see any signs of problems on this list, it's time to get an inspection! There are many ways for homeowners to save money, such as getting a second opinion from professionals or hiring outside help when needed. What steps have you taken towards preventing significant issues at your house?

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