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June 14, 2021

A construction project manager role differs from a typical project manager role. It does so in that it is necessary to have an extensive knowledge of the construction industry in order to be successful. This is because the field of construction is filled with some rather unique challenges. In fact, it is estimated that construction project managers on average have around 120 different responsibilities within their role. This means that they must be thoughtful and strategic when it comes to working in a field that is prone to constant changes.

In order to make sure that these responsibilities are met, and that everyone involved from the architect to the suppliers is on budget and schedule, the construction management agent needs to use a range of strategies and tools to help them manage the workload.

Luckily, construction project management has become increasingly technical with the birth of new software platforms that can simplify many of the important processes. It is however not enough for a project manager to simply purchase a work management platform. They need to work out the right ways to implement this software and sustain it.

Here are some tips that can help with putting those project management skills into practice in the construction field.

Create a communication flow

One of the first things you learn during training for project managers is that communication is your most important tool. This is essential at all stages of a construction project. Ensure that a communication flow is in place. This will make it a smoother process that will reduce the number of calls and emails that are made when there is a problem.

A work execution platform is the simplest way of doing this. It will allow you to monitor everything that is going on quickly and effectively. It will also allow you to communicate these changes to everyone who needs to be kept in the loop. A good platform will allow you to dispense with emails, to some extent, and become as paper free as possible. This means more time meeting contractors and dealing with the next stage of any necessary work.

Get into the habit of continuous planning

A construction project manager needs to begin their planning well in advance of any actual construction taking place. They will also need to continue revisiting any planning that they have done. There are times when they’ll need to make necessary changes until the end of the project.

Each stage of a construction project needs plenty of planning and an ability to change things as the project gets underway. There are so many different things that can occur on a construction site. These can include environmental issues, changes to the design and even just slight adjustments, for example. All of these can have an impact on plan, timeline and budget.

Even though you will be working with experienced professionals on your project, this is still something that every project manager will need to keep an eye on. They need to ensure that there is a focus on making sure that everyone is coordinating with each other.

With the right software you can ensure that important information is being shared between different tradespeople. For example one person can share important information relating to measurements that will help someone else with their part of a job. Such tools also give the project manager full control over everything.

Keep your eyes open, and ask questions

Field elements have the potential to dramatically impact on your workflow in a construction project. All too often you may actually need to see a problem in real life to work out a solution.

As a project manager it can be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the work undertaken by each professional on your construction site. You should also familiarise yourself with the site itself, in order make yourself a better project manager. The construction industry is continually evolving with new practices, equipment and safety requirements. If you want to oversee a successful project you will need to be continually learning about these changes and making improvements. It is true that you can streamline your communication processes. However, this type of project management will still require more visits to the site and meetings with contractors, amongst others, on site.

Use a work execution platform to budget projects

In the construction industry, all types of things that are needed for projects, wage, materials, permits, are exchanged between a number of vendors and financial sources. From the very start of a project right up until its closeout the project manager is the one who is responsible for the tracking of all of these costs. This is particularly true of those that are related to the initial project budget.

Even smaller construction projects will have hundreds of individual costs and moving parts, if you want to remain as effective as possible you will need to find software that can assist you in managing those costs as you move through the key stages of producing your construction budgeting. As well as this you will also need to consider a software platform that will allow you to have access to the right type of template for your type of project management.

Consider automated reporting systems

There simply isn’t the time in the day to answer hundreds of emails, or answer every question, no matter what field you are a project manager in. With the right automated reporting system, you can reduce this need. It could also allow you to concentrate on those elements that need more attention.

It will also be necessary to find something that can assist with the frequent distribution of a wide range of status reports and spreadsheets that are needed in the construction industry. In addition, you could look for the type of automated delivery tools that will help to save a considerable amount of time during the build. This will all help you to make sure that the correct reports are forwarded to the correct people and on time. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to concentrate your energies on something else.

The right software can not only benefit a project manager but also all the team; construction workers, stakeholders and partners.


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