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The Benefits of CNC Machining Services for Metal Enclosures


Computer numerical control (CNC) machines make up a global market worth $71.46 billion in 2020. Moreover, experts project this sector to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028.

One reason behind CNC machines being a multi-billion-dollar industry is their multi-industry use. For example, CNC machining services design and create parts used for metal enclosures. Many industries, in turn, use these enclosures to house sensitive electronic components.

So, if you have a project that requires metal enclosures, CNC machining is the way to go. We rounded up the top benefits of doing so below, so be sure to read on!

Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed

CNC machines work with software called computer-aided machining/manufacturing (CAM) programs. Machinists use CAM software to create codes for the CNC machines to follow. You can think of these codes as specific instructions for the CNC machine.

For example, CNC machining operators can create a code for cutting metal materials. Operators can specify the number, size, thickness, or length of the required cuts. Once they enter this code into the CNC machine, the machine will follow the instructions to a T.

So, CNC machining can provide you with accurately sized parts for metal enclosures. Whatever size, shape, or dimensions you need, professional CNC quality control expert machinists can deliver them.

Manufacturing of Unique or Non-Standard Parts

Custom CNC machining services can design and create parts that don’t exist anywhere. They can be as small as non-standard gears or as big as custom-shaped metal sheets for enclosures. In fact, CNC machinists can even manufacture tailored components for plastic enclosures.

Continuous Automated Process Speeds up Production

CNC machining enables the prolonged automated production of many parts. So long as the operator sets up the machine correctly, it will keep creating those parts based on the code. In addition, CNC machines don’t need as many breaks as a human does.

All those results in the continuous mass production of metal enclosure parts.

Enhanced Safety of Production Processes

In 2019, 2.8 million nonfatal job injuries and illnesses occurred in the US.

The manufacturing sector accounted for a whopping 15% of those workplace hazards. Of these, over 15,000 cases involved cuts, lacerations, or punctures.

CNC machines may help reduce the risks of injuries as they don’t require as much human exposure. Machinists can leave them be, so long as they enter the proper codes and execute proper protocols.

Minimize Costly Design and Production Errors

Human error was to blame for the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter, which led to a total loss of $327.6 million. All that money burned up in space just because of incorrect measurement.

That’s only one example of how costly human error can be, but it’s enough to prove a point.

While it may be impossible to prevent all human errors, CNC machining can help minimize them. After all, CNC machines don’t deviate from the instructions of the code. Instead, the machines will continue following the code until a machinist inputs a new one.

Rely On CNC Machining Services for Your Metal Enclosure Parts

As you can see, CNC machining services can provide the custom parts you need for metal enclosures. They can also supply standard components you require in bulk quantity. Most importantly, they can help you avoid losses due to human production errors.

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