Three Tools Sewer Contractors Need Most

June 15, 2021

Sewers may be the most unfairly overlooked piece of infrastructure in the world. They're out of sight, out of mind for most people... until there's a problem with the plumbing, that is.

When issues do arise with sewers, sewer contractors are there to find and fix the problem.

Whether they're inspecting sewer lines or making repairs, sewer contractors need the right tool for the job. There are several pieces of equipment a contractor might need in their day-to-day work.

Read on to learn about three of the most important tools for sewer contractors.

Inspection Crawler

The inspection crawler is one of the most valuable sewer inspection tools in a sewer contractor's arsenal. An inspection crawler is a kind of remote-controlled, camera-mounted robot.

Investigating a sewer pipe isn't just a messy job; it can be a dangerous one. An inspection crawler is an invaluable tool because it can enter pipes that would be uncomfortable or hazardous to a human.

Inspection crawlers come in many sizes and styles. There are also many accessories that users can add to give the inspection crawler extra capabilities.

Inspection crawlers are portable, modular, and offer flexible deployment. They cut down on inspection times while also keeping workers safe. As tech advances, these tools become ever more valuable for contractors.

Lining Resin

There are many ways a sewer line might get damaged, but many of these issues have a simple fix: lining resin. There are many kinds of lining resin for different pipes.

Lining resin is applied to the damaged area of a pipe by means of an inversion machine. The machine presses the resin against the pipe's interior. Then, the resin hardens into place.

This method of pipe repair, often called cured-in-place piping, is a great way to repair minor pipe damage. It's simple, addresses a lot of issues, and even protects your pipes against corrosion.

Lining resin is also less invasive than some other forms of repair. It doesn't require digging a trench to reach the damaged pipe.

Lateral Cutters

When it comes to sewer construction tools, there are few more useful than lateral cutters. Lateral cutters are a key element of sewer construction and repair, especially when using trenchless repair options.

Lateral cutters are remote-controlled devices that are used to reinstate lateral connections after a pipe is repaired. A lateral connection is where a home's sewer pipe connects to the city's sewer line.

During sewer rehabilitation, these connections are blocked. Afterward, a contractor uses a lateral cutter to cut through the liner material blocking the connection.

The end result is a contiguous sewer system, as the sewer was before the repairs.

Every trenchless repair job can use a lateral cutter, making them one of the most important tools for a sewer contractor.

The Tools of Sewer Contractors

Sewer contractors keep many tools on hand for sewer inspection and construction. This article covered some of the most prominent tools a contractor uses, but there are many more in a contractor's toolbox.

Are you interested in other tools of the contractor's trade? Visit our construction blog for more articles like this one.


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