Top 10 Hacks to Make Your Next Family Trip a Breeze

June 4, 2021


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Family trips are a chance to bond and make fun memories with the family. However, they can also become stressful if you don’t plan thoroughly. Here are 10 hacks to guarantee that your next family trip will be as smooth as butter.

  1. Ready your vehicle for the trip

At least a week before, get your vehicle checked by a professional to ensure it’ll be ready to withstand a long trip. If you’re using a pick-up truck, take the necessary precautions to minimize damages and difficult cleanups after, like applying moisture repellant coating on your car seats and bed liner paint where necessary.

2. Prepare a first aid kit

Pack meds for car sickness, headaches, allergies, and other common ailments. Include band-aids, antiseptic, alcohol, and cotton swabs.

3. Pack no-fuss snacks

It may be easier to rely on drive-thru to feed your kids on the road, but these foods are generally unhealthy. Instead, prepare healthy snacks that can be made ahead, easy to eat, and won’t make a mess in the car.

4. Always bring water

Avoid dehydration and heatstroke by ensuring everyone has a reusable water bottle. Water is often expensive at tourist attractions, so save money by keeping your water bottle full before you leave the hotel or pit stop.

5. Charge all the mobile devices

Whether it’s a mobile phone or a handheld game console, these will be your key to ensuring the kids stay quiet and occupied during long drives. Charge everything the night before and bring power banks so they stay powered up.

6. Bring pillows

Your kids will likely doze off during the drive, so bring enough travel pillows for everyone. Neck and back pillows also help the driver avoid muscle pain.

7. Schedule pit stops

As much as you want to get to your destination ASAP, pit stops can keep your kids from getting too antsy and allow you to stretch, use the restroom, and switch drivers. Mark the pit stops on your map so you have a clear idea of where they are.

8. Plan kid-friendly itineraries

Include your kids in the planning process to ensure you go to places they’ll also be interested in. Research the place thoroughly and search for reviews that are from people with kids. This way you avoid wasting your time.

9. Phone number bag tag

Ensure each of your kids has a bag with a tag that contains your number. Tell them that in case they get lost, they can ask a nearby police officer to call the number so they can find you.

10. Consider washing clothes

Don’t pack tons of extra clothes anticipating that your kids will need to change in case they make a mess. Instead, pack light and wash clothes there. Most hotels will have a coin laundry onsite or nearby, and it only takes an hour to wash a few clothes.

Planning is key to a stress-free trip, but don’t be so uptight that you forget to have fun. Leave room for spontaneity and you’ll end the trip with memories your family will treasure forever.


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