Uses of Fire Control Parts NSN

June 22, 2021

Just as every vehicle is assigned a Serial Number or Vehicle Identification Number, military parts are also assigned a special number. Every part from nuts, fasteners, bolts to engines is assigned a National Stock Number or NSN.

National Stock Number is an approved label for a part that goes through the Federal Supply System regularly. This enables the government to keep track of the parts and reorder them as appropriate. The Federal Stock Number (FSN) gave way to the National Stock Number when two numbers were added to the existing Code made up of 11 digits in the 5th and 6th positions to indicate the Numeric Code's source country.

Using fire control parts NSN allows for easy management, movement, storage, and disposal of materials in the military logistics supply chain. They allow for parameters such as item names, qualities, supply language, and even management data to be standardized. It will also result in the reduction of duplicate products across government inventories. In addition, it will also aid in the standardization of military criteria for testing and evaluation of potential supply goods, including identifying duplicates.

Benefits of Using the Fire Control Part NSN

When an NSN is allocated to a supply item, data is compiled to describe the item. Information like the item name, reference number from the manufacturer, unit pricing, physical as well as performance qualities are examples of the data collated. These data are stored in different languages and with different measurement systems.

The member states of NATO, which includes several governments in the world along with the US government, have officially recognized the NSN. Currently, NATO and government agencies such as the US DOD make use of this NSN to purchase as well as manage supplies that amount to billions in dollars every year.

The current NSN Catalog now contains more than 17 million active NSNs and over ten million classified as historical because they are no more in use. No less than 42 million numbers from almost 3 million Suppliers are represented by these NSNs.

Providing the Military with Services

The usage of a single supply language, such as the NSN, has become increasingly vital since it increases military service cooperation, readiness, and accessibility to every user. This NSN has also become necessary for effective service integration in combined military operations.

The NSN allows military forces to share information and to also identify similar supply items. NSN data can be used by technical inspectors, mechanics, maintenance, as well as other supply staff to get information on every item required for the maintenance and support of operations.

The role of information sharing in the growth and success of an organization cannot be underestimated. You can find some of the benefits of sharing information in an organization here.

Used by Federal Agencies

The National Stock Number is used by many government organizations, like the DOD, to purchase and manage materials valued at billions of dollars annually. The Logistics Agency (DLA) of the defense department is in charge of determining how each NSN managed by the DLA will be stored, stored, and distributed to the different military services.

The DLA assesses demands stats to determine the number of NSNs necessary. The National stock number list (NSN List) serves as the cornerstone for logistics cooperation between the military and government entities.

Re-use by Defense Personnel

The National Stock Number Database is used by the Disposition Services of the Government to note products for reuse and those for disposal. They are also used to determine which items require specific disposal management. Objects holding precious metals, toxic materials, sensitive or classified technologies are examples of items with unique demilitarization criteria.

What Is the Purpose of Fire Control Part NSNs?

During the Second World War, it was typical to see several names for the same supply item used by different military services. This meant increased difficulty as the military tried to obtain supplies. It was practically impossible for them to share them even after getting them. The various naming practices resulted in shortages for a section and surpluses for another.

The importance of establishing a uniform identity as well as a description for any item cannot be overstated. Identifying and moving assets from military service to a different one would be a nightmare if they were given different names by multiple military services.

Furthermore, it was decided that all similar items, that is those with similar features, must be defined in the same way by the DOD to enable item comparison and avoid the proliferation of identical products in the inventory. This has recently enabled inventory exchange and item standardization among militaries of other countries and within their armed forces.

Commercial enterprises are still justifying and reinforcing the necessity of having a uniform system for stock numbering nationwide. For identical parts, manufacturers utilize various item names. Inconsistencies are created in the different systems for logistics management when these products are cataloged with different product names, making it almost impossible to identify, segregate, as well as regulate the items in inventory.

If you need a website to find national stock number descriptions, you can check here:

What is an NSN's Real Value?

  1. Allows procurement employees to swiftly identify, locate, and order parts or supplies, reducing downtime.
  2. Existing inventory is accounted for.
  3. Determines the shelf life of a supply item.
  4. Multiple manufacturers are recorded on NSNs, which improves supportability.
  5. Aids in the detection of duplicate supply items.
  6. By identifying supply items that are interchangeable or substitutable, the usage of available spares is maximized.
  7. Provides pricing data, which is useful for contract negotiations and military budget management.
  8. Improves design, manufacturing, and repair cycle times while extending the life of weapon systems.
  9. All item information is centralized for all items controlled.
  10. Provides built-in security for securing proprietary information and restricting access to only those entities who require it.


The National Stock Number is the universal language of governmental logistics, and the NATO Logistical Information Service is utilized internationally for logistics information. The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Logistics Information Service and the NSN work together to make sense of the ever-growing diversity of suppliers and supply parts.

In this article, we have outlined some of the uses of the fire control part NSN. If you find this article informative, please share it with your family and friends.


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