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Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Home Décor

Many people love flowers, but not everyone has the time or money to buy fresh ones every week. Flowers add freshness and life to any space they occupy. Fortunately, you can incorporate them into your home’s décor without having to visit a florist. In this article, you’ll learn how you can use flowers to enhance the beauty and freshness of your home.

1. Dried Flower Arrangements In Vases

Dried flowers are a great way to add natural beauty and brightness to your home décor. The best part is that you can create these arrangements in three simple steps:

-Place the dried flowers into a tall vase, such as an urn or wine bottle.

-Add water until it covers all of the stems by about half their height

-Position them so they fill up space at different levels for maximum visual appeal.

You should also leave enough room between each stem so you’ll have plenty of options when selecting floral pieces from your collection. You can find flowers at Urban Jungle Canberra, your local grocery store or other floral shops in the area. Vases with these flowers can create wonderful masterpieces for mantels and tables.

2. Wallpaper Floral Patterns

Floral wallpaper patterns can add beauty to your home’s walls. There is no shortage of floral wallpaper options, and you can choose from traditional designs to bold graphic prints with bright colors. From this collection, it’s easy to get wallpaper that suits your tastes. You can also get wallpaper ideas from a favorite painting or print.

3. Hanging Planters

Hanging flowers on your walls using small vases and ropes is a clever way to enhance your interior. You can hang them on walls, ceilings, fireplaces or doorways.

You can also place them in corners of your room where you want more privacy than usual. They are an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom since they provide places to plant seeds and watch their plants grow as they learn about life cycles during this process.

Adding some hanging flowers in the kitchen can also boost its appeal. A green leafy plant like an ivy or fern will add some life to any room, and you can use it as decoration for other parts of your house too.

4. Press Flowers In Frames

If you’re a creative DIY enthusiast, you probably know something about pressed flowers. Pressing flowers on frames can boost your home’s look. You can use them as decorative pieces or make them part of an art installation in the living room.

The materials you’ll need for this job include:

-Pressing board

-heavy books (the weightier, the better)

-a collection of fresh and well-chosen blossoms

-A large frame that’s at least 16×20 inches with glass on both sides. If it doesn’t have the glass, you may want to line up some clear plastic food wrap over one side. The glass should be clean and dry for best results.

-Cotton gloves or cloths to protect delicate skin from contact with chemicals used during the pressing process.

-Paper towels for blotting excess moisture from flowers and glass surfaces

-a pair of tongs for handling the flowers without crushing them

– a small wire brush to scrub off the grime from glass

-a sealer of some kind (clear, matte or glossy)

-A clean rag and pan with water

-Heat gun that can be set at low heat.

Summing Up

These are some ways you can incorporate flowers into your home décor. The best thing about them is that they are easy to do.


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