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Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Like a Hotel

Home design matters, not only does it make you feel comfortable and proud of your space, but it also gives you confidence when you are having guests. If you have the perfect looking space, there will be no need for you to set a budget for a vacation.

The good news is that you do not have to break the bank to make your home or living room look like a hotel. Redecorating and reorganizing your living room is an affordable way to make your living room look great.

1. Get good curtains for your living room

Do not underestimate the transformation that your curtains can give your living room. One thing about hotel curtains is that they are custom made. Get someone who makes nice drapes at a good price.

Ensure that the fabric you get for the curtains blends with your living room. Most hotels have cotton and linen curtains, and you could add the same for your living room. Get curtains that suit your living room windows too.

There is a wide range of patterns you can work with. Work with hues that blend with your living room’s pallet to prevent your living room from looking busy. Your curtain size should also not be anything less than double your window size. Ensure that they are long enough.

Do not also shy away from having them puddle on the floor.

2. Use rugs

You can get inspiration for rugs and stylish furniture from April & Oak. Just like curtains, rugs can make your room look luxurious. You just need to know how to use them. Rugs come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and sizes.

A rug at the center of your living room will enhance the arrangement. Depending on the size of your living room, you can either choose a rug that only sits at the center of the living room or stretches out beyond the seats.

For smaller living rooms, a centered rug will work. Spacious living rooms can have bigger rugs or carpets. Your flooring should also inform your choice. For instance, if your floor is wooden, a smaller center rug will be more luxurious.

Remember to blend your carpet color with the hues in the living room to avoid a chaos.

3. Declutter

If you have noticed, hotels are airy and only consist of things that are needed. Be it a microwave, coffee maker a bed, couch, and table. Too much clutter in the living room will weigh down the vibrance and will make the space look small.

Keep only items you need to have more space and free flow of air. Less is more, have a few quality items and your living room will effortlessly look like a hotel.


Your choice of décor also matters. Get a good vase and add some greenery to your space. If you have a garden, fetch a few bunches of flowers to bring freshness to your interior. You can add a huge piece of wall art for the space too.


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