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Where To Install Residential Air Conditioning In Your Home

An ideal location for everything is, of course, important. And same applies to the air conditioners of our home because the perfect location will enhance its working and results.

Yes, it’s true if you make a poor decision on the air conditioner installation location, you would then end up paying more than the AC costs. You might also need to hire someone to fix your air conditioner more often.

We are here to discuss the Residential Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa. Why? If we install the air conditioner at the wrong spot, it will definitely need to work harder to get your desired result, resulting in ineptness and more excellent wear and tear over time. So how would you choose where to install your air conditioner for best consequences?

In this article, we’ll give you valuable guidelines on selecting the best location to install your air conditioner.

Please note: To ensure your results get the proper placement, it helps hire a licensed air conditioning technician to assess your apartment in person, give advice and make the installment. A regular electrician or tradesperson usually does not have the proficiency in understanding the best location to install your air conditioner. We suggest hiring an AC technician who will guide you on the perfect location, a most energy-efficient location to put your air conditioner, so you can get the best out of your new heating and cooling investment.

Where To Place an Air Conditioner: Facts to Consider:

Here are some factors that affect the place to install an air conditioner in a room:

  • Place of your windows
  • The current ventilation
  • Electrical appliances in the hall
  • Number of lights in the hall
  • The material of your room

To get more tailored advice for installing the home air conditioner, ask the experts to advise on where to install your air conditioner. They can suggest how particular install locations in your room will impact its energy efficiency, noise levels, and performance.

Where To Place An Outdoor Air Conditioner?

If you are in doubt, where to install your outdoor air conditioner at the best location for efficient heating or cooling, consider the following:

Shade: Ideally, your AC should be placed at a cooler side of your room in a location that receives direct and strong sunlight.

Ventilation: Your outdoor AC unit should be placed in a well-ventilated space with a great deal of space on both sides. Ideally, choose a place that is free from Shrubbery. It will make maintaining your outdoor AC unit more accessible and provide unrestricted airflow.

Vibration: A split AC or multi-split unit will require to be placed on the wall or a concrete plate where it will not shake.

Safety: Your outdoor AC unit should not be placed in a location where it can be opened up to a corrosive substance.

A qualified and proficient installer will be able to tell the best place for your unique situation.

Be Aware of Risk of Fire Danger while Placing Home Air Conditioner:

One of the primary reasons you should be cautious about is that where you’ll place your air conditioner, but at times the fire hazard welcomes a problem.

It usually happens when the AC unit is forced to perform extra hard due to the intense rise in temperatures inside and outside the room. If there is a risk of sparks, you may require to eliminate burnable items around the unit, such as stuffed toys, curtains, and furniture.

Moreover, you can install the AC unit in places where it will not have to be under straight sunlight. If you cannot avoid the straight sunlight, you would then require a timer on your AC so that you can simply switch it off when it has worked regularly for some hours. The key is to provide the machine an adequate time to cool down on its own, so it doesn’t overheat.


Keep in mind that any installation work should be performed by a professional refrigeration and air conditioning specialist. Choose a specialist that can advise you on the ideal location for your air conditioner installation and perform a high-quality installation. Valley Comfort Heating and Air is known for its advanced professionals who can determine the best location to install your home air conditioner in order to maximize its energy efficiency and performance.


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