10 Jobs That Will Keep You Active

July 13, 2021

Staying active throughout your day is a great way to improve your health and fitness levels. Regular movement can help with weight management or weight loss goals.

Having a highly active job is a great way to get essential movement into your daily living while earning a wage. It’s also helpful for those of you who hate sitting at a desk in an office all day every day.

Here are 10 jobs that are perfect for keeping you on your feet.

  1. Civil Engineer

Whether you want to join a team of Civil Engineers in Utah or an engineering company on the complete opposite side of America, there are hundreds of roles available in this incredible occupation.

Civil engineers plan, design, and construct large projects such as buildings, tunnels, bridges, and water supply systems. This is a physically demanding job that will improve your endurance. Due to the heavy lifting involved in this job, you will probably see some muscle growth and strength gains too. Who needs the gym when you’ve got heavy pieces of metal to carry around?

  1. Nurse or Carer

Nurses and carers are on their feet all day looking after patients and residents. Whether they work in the public or private sectors, nurse's shifts tend to be anywhere between 8-12 hours. It’s a highly demanding job that requires you to work long hours with few breaks, but the rewards of helping others in your community are unmatched.

Consider pursuing a career in travel nursing if you are an adventure seeker and enjoy exploring different cities. This position allows you to experience new hospital settings and build your network while traveling through the country. You can find a range of international or local travel nursing job openings in the nursing-focused job posting websites like Nurses PRN or NursEmp.

  1. Personal Trainer

There couldn’t be a better way to exercise on the job than to literally teach people how to exercise! Being a personal trainer or fitness instructor involves teaching gym classes or individual clients how to correctly perform specific movements. Once you obtain your online personal trainer certificate, you'd enjoy making people fit, while also being fit and wearing your best running shoes!

Most trainers work in a public or private gym, but you could even set up your own business going to people’s houses or taking groups of fitness enthusiasts outside to exercise.

  1. Firefighter

As a firefighter, there isn’t a dull moment. There also isn’t a relaxing moment! To become a firefighter in the first place, you need to have a good level of fitness, as you will be required to act fast in the case of an emergency. Your strength and endurance will also need to be good so you can carry heavy equipment around, or move potential obstacles. And, of course, you may need to carry people out of burning buildings.

  1. Labourer

If you love staying active in the outdoors, becoming a labourer might be right up your street. As a labourer, you will work on construction sites to carry out various building projects. This job will keep you in good shape as it involves a lot of walking and heavy lifting.

  1. Carpenter

Being a carpenter, you will be on your feet all day. Whether you are framing walls, installing fixtures, changing floorboards, or fixing roof timbers, this occupation is extremely diverse. You won’t have a dull moment working as a carpenter, and you will definitely not be short on steps by the end of the day. You can work on a construction site to undergo large projects, or you can go to the client’s home to perform jobs on their property for them.

  1. Retail Worker

Retail work may not sound like an active job, but after a long shift standing at the tills or walking around the shop floor, you will be desperate for a seat!

As a retail worker, you will be assisting customers in the store, which might require going up and down the stairs into the stockroom to check for additional sizes of clothing items. You may be unpacking new items to hang up for customers to shop. Even if you're not walking around the shop floor, you may be stood at the tills or by the fitting rooms, which keeps you on your feet for the whole of your shift.

  1. Chef

If you’re a keen cook and you love trying new recipes to create delicious meals, have you considered becoming a chef? Whether you work in a privately owned restaurant, a hospital kitchen, or a local school, being a chef is a difficult, but highly rewarding job. It’s also the perfect career if you want to stay active while on the job.

As a chef, you are not confined to just cooking in a kitchen. You can also become a personal chef where you will be hired privately to cook meals for the client’s consumption. This can also involve planning their meals, and going out to buy the ingredients yourself.

  1. Gardener

Gardening is one of the most active jobs you can do. If you love being in the heart of nature, this could be the career for you. Whether you work on large public gardens or people’s private gardens, this career is highly diverse. One day you are pulling out weeds, the next you’re chopping and shaping trees and bushes, and the next you’re repaving and redesigning a whole garden.

  1. Farmer

Farming is a diverse occupation. Whether you choose to enter the meat or dairy industries, or you focus on grains and produce, it’s a great option if you want to stay active while at work.

You will be required to look after a range of animals, as well as obtaining the products from them. This can involve milking cows or collecting chicken eggs. And, you can’t forget about the huge amounts of cleaning that is involved in looking after animals.

Farmers also have to plant and grow various crops and use farming machinery. Most of your days will be spent out in the open air for long periods of time. It’s a physically demanding, but highly satisfying job.

If you were unsure which jobs to go for before reading this article, hopefully now you have a good idea about which career to enter. Choosing an active job is a great way to improve your fitness without needing to sign up for a gym or go on long runs every day!

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