3 Great Tips for Living with Roommates

July 1, 2021

Living with Roommates

Living with roommates is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometime you need to in order to save money or other life reasons. Believe it or not, it is not the worst thing to happen. A lot of the time roommates can become best friends. It is easier said than done for this to happen, but we have some tips on how to live with roommates.

Be Transparent

Be as transparent as possible. This means communicate and state clearly what everyone’s responsibilities will be. Split up the responsibilities clearly in the beginning. If you are in charge or trash or feeding the cats, you should know. When in doubt, over communicate! No one has ever gotten in trouble by making sure they were completely honest and asked every question they needed to when confused.

Being confident, assertive, honest, and considerate is great when it comes to living with others. Treat the others how you would like to be treated. Do not be too much of a people pleaser, but also do not be very aggressive. Just be assertive and say what you really need to say. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and don’t be mean when you say it.

Have a Safe Space

Having a serene place to ground oneself is key when living with others. There are usually many locations where your roommates and guests can chill at in a home. These areas include the kitchen, family room, and dining room. Make sure you have a defined bedroom or safe place that you can go to and be by yourself with no interruption.

A bedroom or den room are the best options for private areas. You do things like change clothes and meditate in these rooms. Sometime you also just need a place to pick up a phone call in private and speak at tone of your choosing. This would be your safe place. As you can tell it is vital to have a safe place to keep up your mental health.

Keep An Open Mind

Remember that the people you live with may have different views and perspectives than you do. They may have grown up in a crowded house or in one where they were the only child. This will affect how they interact with roommates and live in a home. Give your roommates the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong the first time. If you are uncomfortable with something that they did please communicate this to them clearly.


Living with roommates can be one of the best things you ever did and one of the best times in your life. Remember to be transparent, have a safe place, and keep an open mind. There is no reason living with roommates should be bad as long as these tips are followed. Whether you are looking for Homes For Sale in Vancouver or a place to rent in Chicago, there is a possibility you will be dealing with roommates.

Can you guys think of any other tips you would like to add to ours? Are there are any other tips you have found helpful when living with roommates? Please leave your thoughts and comments below. Check out other posts like this on our front page.

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