3D Walkthrough Animation for the Architects` Websites: Main Advantages of Using them

July 21, 2021


3D walkthrough videos offer a great opportunity for architects to boost the efficiency of their websites and reach out to a wider public. This is a crucial feature which allows endorsement of business and its profitability given that we live in a digital era. Nowadays, people search on the web for almost everything they need. Architecture services are not the exception. So for successful architects it is quintessential to have a robust online presence and an attractive website to make an impact. The main instrument here is of course a website which represents the services and gives the initial notion to the prospective customers. Thus, it should be excellent.

To have an attractive website, architects have to consider several aspects, such as design, ease of use, a high loading speed, and interesting and fresh content.

A nice solution to update content is to use video but this can pose a challenge for architects. As lots of architectural projects are under construction or still being designed, there is hardly anything to firm.

Fortunately, this challenge can be solved with a 3D approach. A 3d fly through animation by VisEngine can demonstrate the envisioned look of the architecture project before construction even begins. Like this, architects don't need to stick around for a long time to incorporate fine content into their websites. This walkthrough animation is entirely realistic, so the viewers won't even notice the difference from a normal video.


Let's look at the main advantages of using 3d fly through animation for an architect`s site and how it can make it more efficient and attractive.

1. 3D flythrough animation enhances validity of your site

Choosing services of buildings` planning and construction is a significant undertaking which demands quite some time and money. Therefore, prospective customers would like to be 100% sure that they opted for the competent and optimal specialist to help them out.

In order to persuade them that services you offer would be a right pick, your site should look convincing and illustrate your skills and expertise of a professional. Admittedly, it is difficult to create such a perception with a website filled with text and images as the prospects prefer to learn more on your architectural portfolio and see it.

To solve this problem, you should consider integrating a 3D walkthrough video into a website. It ensures a captivating realistic experience of architecture and design for the site visitors. The objects can be seen in motion and examined from each angle which illustrates architect`s skills and helps to gain credibility. Besides, it is possible to add subtitles and voice-overs with additional information to such a video. This will boost credibility even more and enable viewers to better understand the role of an architect at various stages of the design and construction. In this regard, the architect might describe the object's background, purpose, as well as practical challenges which appeared during the projects and solutions to them. With those details, a 3D flythrough animation would become a truly interactive and interesting story which establishes trustworthy relations with the public.

2. 3D flythrough animation contributes to a successful brand image

Generally, people recognize and remember several brands or specialists among a plenty of them in any business domain. Those widely-recognized professionals are one-of-a-kind and remarkable and stand out among the competitors. To become recognized, architects should create an outstanding website which represents their uniqueness and illustrates their main features as artists and entrepreneurs. A video is a perfect way to achieve this as it has much more impact on the public than text and photos. Besides, films are adored by the public.


A 3D flythrough video allows architects to set up an appealing and impactful brand image. Such a video can represent the anticipated air of projects with a lot of realistic details and dynamics. Additionally, it might also involve such elements as subtitles, voiceovers, brand logo. A 3D flythrough animation might be a way to tell a story that speaks to a target audience. Its impact might be reinforced with the correctly used contextual components, music, ambience, timelapse, etc. By adding a 3D flythrough you would boost your brand image and win the audience’s hearts.

3. 3D flythrough animation is engaging and entertaining

Movies draw more attention from the audience than other sorts of content. It is much more convenient to grasp the message from movies or animation than when it is given in text blogs or images. Understanding texts demands quite some concentration and this frequently makes people less attentive. As opposed to that, 3D flythroughs are perceived fast and without much effort. Furthermore, if thought out well they can be quite fun and entertaining.

It is obvious that between a lengthy text followed by a few illustrations and watching an awesome 3D flythrough video people would choose video as it is less time-consuming, effortless, and funnier.

4. 3D flythrough animation enhances SEO

According to Digitalbrew, pages which actively integrate videos are expected to rank higher in Google search engines - 53x more probably than those pages that don't use videos. Such a situation is related to several factors. To begin with, videos serve like a magnet which makes almost 90% of users stay longer on the pages showing them. From the perspective of the search engine, the longer time is spent on a website, the more useful it is considered to be.


With 3D videos, architecture specialists might get more backlinks to their sites on the web because visitors are likely to share movies and animations more than articles. That's why a 3D flythrough animation can enhance the SEO of a website.

5. 3D flythrough animation helps to reach out to a wider public

As we have said before, people prefer to share videos more than texts with photos. That's why with 3D footage designers can reach out to a wider audience without extensive efforts. If you prepare and include a stunning 3D walkthrough animation into your page, it is very likely that site visitors will post or share it on their social media pages. This would inform a broader public about your services as a specialist who designs buildings. Outstanding 3D videos even have chances of being shared a lot on various platforms, go viral, and get more leads to a website.

6. 3D flythrough animation endorses conversion

Videos might endorse conversion by up to 80% and turn leads into customers. When watching a 3D flythrough animation, the visitors get an all-round overview of the architect`s skills, expertise, and services. Therefore, they would feel more confident when choosing a certain architect for their project.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this article gave an overview of the main advantages of a 3D flythrough video for an architect`s site. Such a video enables to reinstate trustworthiness and develop a brand. It also interacts with users and entertains them. Last but not least, it endorses reach, conversion rate, and SEO of a website.


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