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4 Top Tips for a Successful Construction Project



Every successful construction project relies on the ability of the manager to successfully coordinate every team member to do their job and do it correctly. If you’re thinking of executing a new build and need a few ideas that’ll help move the process along as quickly as possible, we might be able to help.

Many builds often suffer from a lack of one or more of the tips we’ll be looking at shortly. This is because every construction manager often has over 120 job descriptions per project.

Therefore, anything you can do to help the construction manager do a great job, will ultimately benefit you. The good news is if you do follow these tips, chances are your construction project will go much more smoothly.

Have Clear Lines of Communication

Ensure that everyone involved in the project has complete access to one another. Find ways to emphasize clear communications about what needs to be done. This is where you come in.

If you have specific ideas about how you want your project to look at the end of the day, communicate it with the manager and every other role player that’s involved. For example, if you need to speak to the architect or designer about a particular change in design, make sure to get in them very quickly.

Or discuss with the manager and allow them to handle the communication. They’re better skilled at this and will probably do a better job of communicating your desires to every team member than you would.

Make Room for Iterations in Designs

Here’s the thing about construction projects: plans can and often change. These changes can be influenced by many things. So you need to be open to suggestions from the team.

Most times, they know better because they’ve had a lot of experience with previous builds. So keep an open mind, and understand that there might be some slight deviations from your initial designs. This is even more so when the project is an unusual one.

Choose the Design-Build Construction Model

There are two major building techniques:

  • Design-bid build
  • Design-build

Design-bid-build involves hiring a designer separately. And after they’re done, you’ll then hire a contractor to handle the project. This is tedious, stressful, and best left for people with some experience.

Design build construction, on the other hand, simplifies the entire process. You’ll just hire an experienced designer who will map out your ideas. Once you approve, they will then go ahead to construct the building or hire someone to do it.

This is a far easier and more effective building approach. It’s also less risky and guarantees faster project delivery. Just make sure that the person or organization is highly experienced and skilled enough to successfully carry out the project.

Suggest the Use of a Project Management Platform for Collaboration

Some construction managers use a project management platform where every collaborator can come record their progress, show achieved milestones, keep track of finances, make budgetary changes, request clarifications when necessary, and much more.

If your project manager doesn’t, see if they’ll be open to using one. Used correctly, project management platforms can make the entire building process seamless and effortless. Plus, you can track the project progress in real-time, if you’re not physically around to follow the project’s progress.


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