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6 Effective Banner Design Tips You Must Know

Simplicity and contrast are the two most important features of an effective banner design. People do not have enough time to go through your banner completely, this fact provides you with a small window of few seconds to draw their attention and provide all necessary information about your business. If your banner text is too small then it will blend with the banner background making it difficult rather impossible for the people to read. On the other hand, if your banner contains too much text then people will simply ignore it. In this article, we will discuss some effective banner designing tips that you must know.

Use a Proper Font Size

The first step towards effective banner designing is to analyze the scale and size of your banner, and for that, you have to decide from what distance you want people to view your banner. If you place your banner in an area having high-speed traffic, then you have to increase the banner size and the font size of its contents so that they can be read properly compared to when placed in areas with low traffic.

Use Proper Words

Simplicity is the key element of banner advertising. With banner advertising, you have only a few seconds to create an appealing impression on the passers-by. If your text can not be read in a few seconds then you will lose your chance. Try to cover all the content of your banner within 15 words or less. For best results, use the three-by-five rule i.e. three lines, each having five words or five lines, each having three words.

Use Contrasting Colors

To make your banner look distinguished, the foremost thing that you must do is to use a proper mixture of contrasting colors that are impactful and will be soothing to the eyes. According to Forbes, a proper mix and contrast of colors play an essential role in triggering an emotional response within people and influence them to trust certain products. Eight colors that can help a lot to grow your brand are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white.

Think About Banners Backdrop

Knowing the background of the location where your banner will be placed such as a brick wall, forest background, or a fence, can help you a lot in deciding the color and graphics combination for your banner to make them look distinct. Applying a black or white border around your banner edges will help to distinguish it from a busy background.

Consider Double Exposure

While designing your banner, think about whether you want people to view the backside of your banner as well or not. If you want your banner to be viewed by the traffic, coming from both sides then, you have to order a double-sided banner.

Use Wind Slits

Strong gusts of wind can cause severe damages to your banners, so if you are, planning to place your banner at a considerable height, then a mesh banner or a weave banner will be a more wise decision.


These are some of the tips for effective banner designing that you must keep in your mind. If properly done, banner advertising can prove to be the most effective advertising technique for your business.


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