Decorating Your Home Has Never Been Easier: Make It Dreamy

July 22, 2021

There’s no denying that our homes can take up a lot of our time and money. When we first look for somewhere to live, we may actively seek guides and tools to simplify the process. In an ideal world, everyone would move into a dream home that requires no changes: it would be like a Plug’n’Play device that you simply set up and use.

Sadly, this is rarely the case. No matter how nice a new home may look, it’s inevitable that the new owners will want to put their mark upon it. They may change things around, replace a few things and stamp their identity upon it. Perhaps you are a new homeowner or it’s time to redecorate your existing one. Whatever the reason, this article will help you do the job and make your house more dreamy.

Sort The Finances First

In order for this project to work well, two things need to dovetail together: your plans and your finances. You will no doubt want good value for money, and mid to high-range products are often the best quality. Having said that, you need to create a budget and stay within it. This is important, even if it means you need to decorate the home in stages. When the work has been done you’ll want to be able to enjoy it rather than worrying about debt or an overrun in expenses.

You can learn a lot about decorating on the internet, and it’s possible to save money if you buy online too. You may be able to buy direct from the manufacturers or enjoy the New Year sales or Black Friday deals. If you check out you’ll discover coupons and verified promo codes. People want to access shop clearance items, and to buy online and pick up in-store. You may also be able to gain discounts if you sign up to newsletters or are a senior over the age of sixty.

Find Some Inspiration

Pinterest and Instagram are full of photos of homes and furnishings, styles and decor. You may also benefit from a walk around the shops or from reading home magazines. Alternatively, you may know someone whose home is just as you’d like yours to be. Why not arrange to come round and ask some questions before you start decorating your own home?

If you can afford it, you may wish to employ the services of an interior designer. They can listen to your requirements and assess your budget. A professional will know how you can make the most of your home, and advise on any modifications you could make. They could include new plumbing or wiring, extensions or fixtures and fittings.

The Dream Filter

If you want to have the perfect home, you need to know what this will look like. When shopping for items, look through your ‘dream lens’ and decide if they match that picture.

If you want your bedroom to look dreamy for example, you may wish to avoid furniture with sharp edges. There should be lots of soft furnishings and gentle lighting. Put a few candles in place and hang some transparent veil curtains. Use pastel shades or white on your walls, and put a soft cuddly toy on the bed.

Maximize Your Space

You may be able to turn one room into two thanks to a new wall or partition. There may be a bedroom that could become ensuite. Perhaps you’re not making the best use of alcoves or the space beneath your stairs. Empty wall space is something that can be enhanced with pictures or photos, or useful shelving.

Storage is a key issue in many homes, so this is an important consideration for any proposed upgrades. Decluttering is another way to tackle the same issue. If your cupboards are heaving with stuff, have a good sort out. The less junk you keep, the more space you’ll have. Your home may benefit from having a folding table and chairs, or a sofa bed to free up space, too.

Improve Your Lighting

If you maximize the natural light it will save on bulbs and heating costs. Modern LED bulbs last longer and are more economical than the traditional incandescent versions. Dimmer switches provide greater flexibility within the home.

If you struggle to read recipes or prepare food in your kitchen, some under cabinet lighting may be beneficial. Being indirect there would be less glare for the eyes. Soft, light colors will also help brighten up a room as will the addition of wall mirrors.

Make It Personal

Try and make your home an expression of yourself - this way it will gain extra character. If you are very modern and straightforward, a minimalist design that incorporates technology may be ideal. If you are more old-fashioned, however, retro and classic styled decor may be more appropriate. Think of log fireplaces, heavy wooden furniture and lots of pictures and knickknacks.

If you are a keen sports player, you may wish to display your trophies and team photos. Whether you love music, nature or art there may be ways you can display this for all to see. It’s even possible to upload your digital photos onto specialist websites and have them printed onto bedding, posters and more.

Aim For Consistency

Whatever styles, colors and decor you opt for, try to apply this to every room. Whilst it’s good to personalize bedrooms and living spaces, you won’t want to have rooms that look out of place. People who acquire furniture and other items over many years often end up having rooms full of things that don’t match. Perhaps this is a good time to address these inconsistencies.

Once you know what you’re going to do and have the money to achieve it, begin the work. Longer-term this may be an investment that all the household will appreciate, as will any visitors or future buyers. You may be about to add both aesthetic and financial value to your home, and for this reason, you have every reason to be excited.

Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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