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Freshen Up Your Living Space With Accent Colors


If you want to transform your home without making huge changes, you will want to think about using accent colors. This simple yet effective technique can transform a drab, uninspired space and breathe new life into your home. Accent colors let you give your living space a new look without spending tons of money. But exactly what does it mean to use accent colors?

What are Accent Colors?

Using accent colors is a technique of adding an unexpected shade in pinpointed areas of a room. Accent colors are a quick way to add drama to a space while creating a scheme that pulls the whole look of a room together. Basically, an accent color is a shade that you use in a small quantity (relatively speaking) to add interest and impact.

Some top colors to consider include:

  • Aqua
  • Peach
  • Fuchsia
  • White

Or, try these combinations:

  • Blue and white
  • Blue and green
  • Blue and yellow
  • Teal and blue
  • White, black, and blue
  • White and yellow

How and Where to Apply Accent Colors

You can add detailing and visual interest to any space with accent colors, going big or small depending on your budget and your vision for your home. You do not need a ton of color for a huge impact. Some ideas for applying accent colors include:

  • Calling attention to architectural features, such as dado rails, picture rails, or skirting boards
  • Decorating an unexpected space, like a skylight or storage area
  • Highlighting a wall’s paneling
  • Painting a whole accent wall
  • Using the same accent color over various smaller surfaces, such as window frames and molding

Using accessories like furniture and curtains can also go a long way. A simple search for “affordable furniture Houston” will help you find beautiful pieces that will complement the accent colors you choose for any room. Even if you just use a small amount of paint on paneling, for instance, you can create visual coherence by added curtains or couch pillows in the same shade.

How to Choose Your Accent Colors

Wondering how to add accent colors to a room? There is no one hard and fast rule to the colors you can use, so have fun getting inspired and taking your plans from there. Overall, you can use accent colors that either complement or contrast the main tone of a room, depending on the look you want to create.

Whichever route you choose, keep in mind that you want your accent color to emphasize a room’s main color, not take away from it. You might use neutrals to make a bold color pop, or add a crisp white to accentuate an elegant tone you want to highlight.

Complementary colors often work well in formal areas like living rooms, while analogous colors are great in informal spaces like bedrooms. You will find complementary colors across from each other on the color wheel and analogous colors touching on the color wheel. You will generally want to keep colors in a given room in the same family, as it can be more difficult to mix and match bright and muted colors than pair two bright tones or muted tones with each other.

All in all, accent colors are a great way to upgrade your living space, all without investing a lot of time or money into totally changing your home. Have fun using color to create your dream space.


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